Swatches and Review: Hard Candy - Sugar Rush

By Lizzy O. - April 12, 2013

Hello Y'all!
I have a polish by Hard Candy on the blog today. 
This was provided for my review and it's called Sugar Rush!
Here she is below... 

This is a white based glitter polish and it's lovely to see that a brand being sold at walmart could create a polish that is almost always seen amongst Indie Brands.
I Thought this was pretty, especially since it was opaque in two coats plus top coat.
I don't quite see why it's called Sugar Rush, because I see more of a milk and dark chocolate thing in here. Lol...

Anyhoo, I loved this polish on me, but I have to say, I was pretty sad that when I chose to wear this for some days, it didn't quite last as I wanted it to. By day 2, the nail polish literally plopped off one of my nails, and some other nails were chipping. :-(
In the Polish's defense, I didn't use a base coat, but I was still sad that this happened.
I'll have to remember to use base coat next time.

So darlings, have you grabbed any of these Hard Candy polishes yet? Especially the new collections?
If you're interested in this polish or want to check out other polishes by Hard Candy, Please Check your local Walmart Stores or Shop Walmart Online.
Stay in Touch with Hard Candy via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

That's it for now sugars.
Till Later.

**Provided for review. Opinions are 100% mine** 

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  1. It looks like Cookies & Cream!

    1. Exactly, right? Lol.. Thanks for pointing it out too.

  2. You have access to so many great polishes, I'm envious. This reminds me of Oreos! :)

  3. Sucks that it didn't last very long. It's very pretty!

  4. Walmart isn't convenient for me but these HCs look like they're worth going out of my way for. This one looks very cool on you!

    1. Thanks sugar!
      And yes, these are really worth it. I think I just love the "Indie nail polish" feel they have.


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