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OOTD: Hot Pink!!!

Hello Sugars!
I know no one cares or even notices these things, but I must start out by saying, Oh My! An evening post and on a Sunday!?!?

Well, there's an explanation for that.
You see, this is a post I was supposed to have scheduled during this past week but somehow didn't schedule!
And since I'm a "timeline" sort of person, I have to post this before Tomorrow - Monday, especially since I now have a different hairstyle (and another OOTD post coming up - with the new hairstyle). Lol..
I'd hate to post the new hairstyle and then throw in this old post after the one with my new hairstyle.
Yes, I think weirdly :-P

Anyhoo, this was from this past week, It was a lovely spring day and I got dressed to go out with the bf.
Simple, colorful, and I did what I like to call "Va va Voom makeup". Anything more than two colors on my eye lid is certainly va va voom to me!

I have learned in life that our situations/conditions aren't always how we want them to be. But If you wait for everything to be perfect, you'll most likely never find happiness.
We all have to, at different points in our lives, Choose to be happy!

This isn't an easy decision, but it's a good thing to always remember. Choosing Happiness!

Idk where that came from, but Here we go with this post!

I Honestly LOVE LOVE happy summery weather! And I only know how to celebrate with happy colors! SO this Pink dress from ROSS was just perfect for me. I am into laces lately! I want just about everything that has lace I can find. 

My makeup..
Two shades of pink, some browns, and a blue on my low water line. Finished with baby pink lips.

SO many collages I made! Because I didn't want to spam with so many single pictures. Lol..

Wheelchair picture taking tip (For wheeling girls out there): Crossing your legs totally adds something extra to everything. I try not to do it too much to avoid having the same poses in every picture but honestly, I just love it so much. lol. Also, don't keep legs crossed for too long.. You don't want to stop circulation in your lower extremities. :-)

And I'd like to tag this next one, the many faces of Lizzy!!!

You see that face in the upper right hand? That's my "Do Not even attempt to Bug Me" Face.. Or maybe my "Can I buy more polishes please" face?! lol..

Welpsss, I Think I should stop now.
Do you guys love how bright my dress and shoes are? I certainly do!!!

Dress: Ross. (I have to wear pants or tights under dresses because of sitting on the wheelchair. I don't want to show my goodies to the world you see.. Lol).
Pants: Also From Ross! My newest fave!
Shoes: Beauty store. Very rare cute find!
Makeup - All Kleancolor.

That's it for now.
Till later, God Bless.

(I'm glad I was able to post this today! Now I can sleep happy and resume normal posting schedule during this coming week). Lol...


  1. You look stunning!!! :D You are rocking that pink!

  2. Wow! That top is great and you look just fantastic! x

  3. I totally get the timeline thing, I think the same way :) Same on more than one eyecolor at a time, lol. Two shades on the lid, watch out, world!! ;D Awesome outfit as usual, and I'm excited to see your new hairstyle!

    1. I am so glad I'm not alone. Lol. Thanks, and hairstyle post has been schedule as I type this. Lol.. COming soon

  4. You must smile always! When you do - your entire face brighten up, even glow!
    I'll take your advice on choosing the happiness, and you'll take mine and smile more often ;-) Deal?

    1. Awwww you are amazing! Thanks for that. I smile all the time. I love to smile. But To have different expressions in my pictures, I try to make 'vogue faces. Lol.. I'd rather just be smiling honestly. I LOVE doing it!

  5. You are so right we have to make the decision to be happy or not.

    You look happy in your bright pink...very pretty :)

  6. You look fantastic! I love your "anh anh, wetin dey happen?" look in the top right of the last group of pics, lol!

  7. Loved it all!
    You are absolutely right! Be happy, very happy!
    Kisses, my dear!

  8. wooow you are wonderful
    great style


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