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Colores De Carol - Inner Princess Swatches + Skittlette with BPS Silver Square Studs

Hello Love Muffins!

How are y'all doing this pretty day?
On the blog is another Colores De Carol Polish that I later on paired with some silver square studs from born Pretty Store. This post is packed and I love both of these items that were provided for my review. 

First up are swatches of Colores De Carol - Inner princess. This is a White Milky based polish with glitters in many shapes and colors in it. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that there were even star shaped glitters in this. 

Colores De Carol - Inner Princess

What you see in my swatches are three thin coats of Inner Princess.  I wanted to layer it over white like I did Carnation, but I just Loved the embedded glitter sandwich look this gave, that I couldn't bring myself to layer just one coat over white. This is beautiful with three thin coats.

Oh, and I hope you see the Star shaped glitters I mentioned? Two came out to play and I was very pleased, especially since I didn't even think there were any in the bottle. Now I want more star shaped glitters. lol

Next up, I decided to wear this polish in a more funky way!
So I whipped out Zoya - Yana and some Silver square studs from Born Pretty Store, and Got to work!

Here are the studs from BPS, quite a lot of them in a bag. 

Do You like my finished result? I am so in love with skittlettes lately! I still like two nails looking alike though..

The studs were very easy to apply and I actually used topcoat to seal them in. First I applied a topcoat and did the first line of studs, then I applied topcoat to the side of that first line, and added more studs. After all that, I sealed it all in with two generous coat of Topcoat.
To pick up my studs, I used a dotting tool dipped in topcoat. Repeating the topcoat dipping whenever necessary.

And This Inner princess might actually be A rock star. Lol...
Confession: The slanted look of the Studs was definitely NOT intentional. I certainly don't have a good idea of what a straight line is. Lol.. I wanted these to run straight down the middle of my nails, but uhmmm, that didn't happen. LOL.. We'll call this an intentional design for the purpose of this post though. Lol..

Alright darlings,
If you're interested in Inner Princess By Colores De Carol, Please CLICK HERE to Purchase and check out other polishes by her.Follow Colores De Carol on Facebook, and Her Blog for more updates.

The Silver Square Studs can be purchased From Born Pretty Store - It's an Online Nail Art Store and shipping is always free, including international shipping.
BPS was kind to give my readers a coupon code, so use the code below FA7J61 to get 10% off your Order. :-)
Click Here or the Image below to go purchase.

That's it for now sugars.
Have a lovely rest of the day.
Till Later, God Bless.


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