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Easy French Tip Mani: Zoya - Thandie and China Glaze - Electrify

Hello Sugars!!!

Summer is right around the corner y'all! Whoo hoo. I've enjoyed reading what you all love about summer in my Butter London Giveaway post - which you need to enter if you haven't already
A lot of you are so much like me!! LOVE it. I too enjoy the heat, the picnics, the colors, and yes, all the fun things. 

That's what kind of brought about my mani for today.
When it's summer time, I enjoy bright and easy manis. :-D
My go-to easy mani is a french tip. But not with a white tip, I love doing tips in different colors. 
Today, I chose Zoya - Thandie from their summer collection. 

So easy to get this look. All I used for a duct tape to get the line straight for the tips. I covered the bottom part of my nails with Duct tape and painted the tips with Thandie, then I quickly took out the tapes. 
After that, I applied a top coat and Voila!

 Since I love doing the most sometimes, lol.. I whipped out China Glaze - electrify and used the brush to dab some glitter on top of thandie. No tape was used for this... I just brush glitters over the tips only. :-)

I loved this so much!!

This mani lasted so long on my nails and I loved how bright and simple it was. 

That's it for now dearies.
Do you all enjoy bright colors on your nails for summer?
Till Later, God Bless. 


  1. You used duct tape to tape off your nails? That is different. I usually use regular scotch tape. Love the orange tips though. I may have to try it myself. Thanks for sharing.

    The Kracked Kat

    1. Oops.. I did use scotch tape. Lol.. Not duct.

  2. That looks really cool with the glitter on the tips too! x

  3. So pretty, Lizzy! I love the bright tips with the pretty neutral base, and then baBAM, the glitter takes it over the top :) So cool. And your tips look so good!

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