Look Of The Day: Blue Statement Necklace From Burlington

By Lizzy O. - May 13, 2013

Hello Sugars!
On The blog today is a style post.
As you know, Once in a while I like to share pictures of what I wore and blah blah.

Anyhoo, the LOTD today is brought to you courtesy of a necklace I recently purchased from Burlington Coat Factory. Y'all know that's my Store! Lol.. I saw the necklace and was like GIVE ME!!!
I bought it and I was itching to wear it, so, this past Saturday  I put together a look, making sure NOT to take attention away from the necklace. Yes, I wanted the necklace to be the CENTER of attention. lol..

Though, since I love being matchy matchy... I went all out on my eye makeup, because I wanted colors that'll compliment the necklace. My nails also sort of matched the necklace.
Enough talking, lets get into pictures!

I am in love with this necklace. The color is just amazing to me! 

 And Here's my full Outfit. What better way to keep attention ON the necklace than in black? Yeppers!

 And on my nails is Kleancolor - Blue Beach. Pretty color.

I chose to wear gold shoes and bracelet to pull everything together - since the necklace has some gold in it.

Big Kiss To You All!!!

Necklace/Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory. Quick Story: Original Price: $9.99. But I was given 20% off discount since the ring that held together one side of the bottom piece was disconnected from the whole set. Barely noticeable, but I pointed it out to get discount. Lol..
Eyeshadow: Colors from BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette.
Shirt: Old can't remember where.
Flats: Payless (old)

That's it for now sugars. Till Later, God Bless. :-)

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  1. Whoa. Just... whoa!!
    That's an amazing necklace, which you totally rock, girl!! <3

  2. Lovely necklace and i love the completing nails and eyeshadow.
    You look gorgeous

  3. You look so perfectly chic! That necklace is definitly a statement piece and I love it with your black outfit. LOVE the red and turquoise together, too... Can I say it again? Perfectly chic :)

  4. That necklace is FABULOUS!! And I'm loving the eyeshadow color combo, awesome with the necklace or even without :)

  5. beautiful <333 i am so in love with ur hair LIZ!!


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