Swatches and Review: Sinful Shine - Royal Flush & Sinful Colors - Watch it Shine

By Lizzy O. - May 20, 2013

Hello Loves. 
Happy new week. Hope y'all are dong well... 
So, I want to believe most of you have heard about the new "Sinful Shine" Line, by Sinful Colors. Basically, they claim to have a gel polish shine/finish. 
At first I was like.. Hmm, Is this a gimmick to bring out old polish from the Sinful Colors line? 
Then I went to my local walgreens, saw the polishes from the new line and had to pick up a few. 

What you see below is Sinful Shine - Royal Flush. 
It was opaque in one coat, but I used two for good measure. I love that about it and I also love that it does have a brilliant shine to it. 

The finish is really shiny, and I must mention, this was my past weekend mani. I did this on Thursday last week, and  it's still fresh - with just a little bit of tip wear. I'm itching to take it off, but I really want to see how long this will last on my nail. I Love testing out new "brands/polish claims".

Since I just can't leave 'good enough' alone, I whipped out a polish from Sinful Colors Diamond collection.
This is called - Watch it Shine.
When I bought it, I knew it'd be a great layering polish, but I wanted to try something else with it... and that is, picking out the glitter for NAIL ART!  Look?!

The process was really really easy. Sometimes, you don't have to buy loose single glitters if you have polishes with glitters in them.
What i did was, I dabbed a bit of Watch it shine on paper towel and used my dotting tool to pick up the diamond shaped glitters to place how I liked on my nails.

And the result is this! I didn't have to apply top coat on my nails before placing since the glitter had some polish on it from the bottle. Picking the glitter up with my dotting tool was also really easy.
I sealed the glitter on my nail with topcoat. Just on the accent nail.

And this is how my thumb looked. Watch it Shine over  Royal FLush. . Pretty uhn?

Well, that's it for now my loves.
I love the Sinful Shine polish especially for the shine and it has lasted me for about 4 days now, so that's a good thing right?

I have more polishes from this new line to showcase at a later date.
Did you guys pick up any polish from Sinful shine yet?
Share with me.
Till later, God Bless.

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  1. Oh wow that is a pretty ingenious way of using a glitter polish. I love it!

  2. What a great way to use a topper glitter. It looks fantastic!! :) x

  3. wow that is cool!! i never thought of using a dotting tool and glitter/nail polish!! and omg that pink color is so creamy and beautiful! giving me life!!

  4. love what you did with the glitter on your ring fingernail!

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