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Hard Night, Good Morning Review: Detox Mineral Masque & PM Oil Cleanser/Makeup Remover

Hello Sugars. 
It's another Bare it all day on the blog today - Yesss naked Face, and Even a MASQUE Face! Ha!! Brace Yourself. 

I have a review of two facial products by Hard Night, Good Morning for you all today.  One is a Facial Masque, and the other is a Makeup Remover.  Lookie below!

This DIY Lady here enjoys wearing makeup whenever she feels like it, and although there are many products out there that can cover up A LOT of imperfections, I honestly STILL want my skin to be in its best state, that way I don't need to wear makeup ALL the time. You know what I mean, ladies? 

Anyhoo, when it came to picking out two products by Hard Night, Good Morning, I certainly went for products that would help keep my skin in good health. I picked a facial masque and makeup remover, because going to bed with full makeup on is a recipe for disaster. 

First up in this review is the Detox Mineral Masque by Hard Night, Good Morning. 
This is a clay based masque and it looks exactly like you see below. :-)

When I opened the jar, I was like Oohhh, It's ready to use! - Because the other kinds of facial masques I've ever used always came in powder form, and I had to mix them with vinegar or water. 
So this was a pleasant surprise, a READY TO USE product!

 I wasted No time and applied it all over my face. Application was smooth. I used my fingers to apply all over - and I waited for 15-20 minutes as stated in the directions printed on the product.
While I was waiting, I decided to play a little... Lol.. Well, I could have read a book or something, but taking a gazillion number of goofy pictures was MORE fun, so Here you GO!

While waiting, I noticed the masque started to get dry, which is what masques should do. At this point, smiling kinda became hard. Lol, SO I started posing in a Vogue manner. ;-)
-- Yes my nails are naked - Lol. I don't need to explain, but I shall. You see, this particular day was Grooming Day, so I cleaned off my polish prior to using the masque.  I let my nails breathe y'all. They aren't always polished.

And about 18 minutes after applying the masque, my full face was brought to an attention. I couldn't do anything else with my face except pout my lips. Lol. BUT the feeling wasn't weird at all. It wasn't uncomfortable.

When it was exactly 20 minutes, I washed off the masque with lukewarm water and my face breathe a happy breath!
After washing my face, the air in the room sort of got colder and I can only say that's a GOOD sign! I felt that the masque had done a good job.
The Hard Night, Good Morning Website says this about the Masque:
  • Improves skin evenness and luminosity
  • Repairs oxidative damage
  • Supports metabolic functioning
  • Use weekly to deep clean pores
Well, hecks yeah!! I know my skin is still young, but there's no harm in prevention. This masque doesn't have an offensive smell, and again, I LOVE that it came ready to use, and not in powder form.
I ended up not using more than the size of a quarter all over my face. Coverage is pretty nice and my jar is still full. I should be able to get a lot of masque sessions with the product in the jar.
P.S: I personally try to masque every 2-3 weeks, and not weekly, although the HNGM website suggests weekly. 

Next up, is my review of Hard Night, Good Morning -  PM Oil Cleanser/Makeup Remover.
Obviously to put this to test, I started with a Face full of MAKEUP!
You can view the post about this makeup look HERE.  Products used are listed in the post. I Loved this look so much! 
Hair pulled back and ready to wash!

After reading the description on the bottle, I got busy. Put a few pumps on my palm, and applied it all over my face in a circular motion. Simple, easy peasy.. 

Result below.. Look, Oily face!
Interestingly, the makeup on my face began to melt after I applied the oil to my face.  

I added a few splash of water to the oil on my face, and it lathered up a bit (NOT much) - Couldn't take a picture of this step, safety first. Lol..

And then I rinsed off my face with lukewarm water.
Result below.. Viola! All of the makeup gone - except for a little bit around my eyes, because I didn't want the product to get in my eyes.

Oh Yeah, I have been using this makeup remover for about 1 month, so NO, this wasn't just a one time trial review.  I LOVE IT for taking off my makeup. I was a bit iffy about the remover being oily, but it makes sense, It doesn't dry out the face after washing, yet it takes off every makeup. 
Also, it doesn't lather (foam up) much, and that threw me off a bit since I somehow equate washing off dirt  with lather (lol), but that's a personal problem, especially since this product proves that one doesn't need all the lather to get a clean face. 
Look at what is written on the HNGM website about this:
...This is a 4-in-1...cleanser, makeup remover, dryness eradicator (use it alone for extra moisturization) and hair saver (a touch on the hair makes it shiny and smooth).
Uhmm, that's interesting! The oiliness makes sense even more now.

That's it for now Sugars. How's that for baring it all on the blog? LOL..

I did some research and found that the ingredients in these Hard Night, Good Morning products are good for the skin. They are a Sulfate Free Company, and that's wonderful!

If you're interested in either of these products or want to check out more products by Hard Night, Good Morning, please visit their Website and Check them out on Facebook and Twitter

Till Later, God Bless. 

Products sent for review, Opinions are 100% mine. 


  1. Awesome review! :) It's interesting to see a company using oil as a facial cleanser/makeup remover. I've been doing the Oil Cleansing Method for a few months and it's awesome :) So it's good to see a company not pushing facial cleansers that dry the skin out :)

  2. Great review! Very detailed and I love the pics!

  3. This sounds really good! And I love the goofy pics ;)

  4. haha loving the first mask pictures, you are too cute!
    I bet the oil would work well for my dry skin!

  5. Thanks for the review. I will have to try that make up remover!

  6. Great review...the masque sounds so so lovely!

  7. Great pics! You look so cute. I think I might try that masque too!

  8. I love, love, love the pictures! Thank you so much for posting this! :D x

  9. Great review! These products seem to be great products to try out. I am really curious so I will def try them out. Thanks for sharing!

  10. The masque looks awesome! You are all a-glow! :)

  11. Such a great and thorough review- thanks!
    I have to admit, I think my favorite part about this post are all the goofy pictures, lol!

  12. Thank you for this review! We love it! - Hard Night Good Morning

  13. Sounds awesome! :D Great having a ready to use mask! :D

  14. Great review............. supper and nice post ya

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