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Wheelchair Fashion/OOTD: Wearing High Heels on the Wheelchair...

Hello Beauties!
I have a wheelchair Fashion post on the blog again!!
Today, we shall talk about wearing high heels on the wheelchair! Say whaaaaaattttt????

I will start off by saying, before the car accident I definitely was an high heels kinda girl. 4 inches and above were my kind of shoes! Loved them, loved loved them! I am 5'8 and by no means would I be considered "short", but high heels just made me feel good and like I could conquer the world. Lol... I was so good with heels that I could run in them... maybe not a marathon, but yeah, I could dance and do all sorts wearing shoes as high as 4 inches or more.

Fast forward after the car accident, SO MANY THINGS OBVIOUSLY Changed... Not only could I not dress myself while recovering, but with all the changes my body was going through, I honestly didn't even WANT to wear any kind of shoes that wasn't tennis shoes.

Reasons why I wanted to wear only Tennis shoes:

  1. They were comfortable, and once the laces were tied, those babies stayed on my foot until I take them off - Translation- I didn't have to worry about shoes falling off while transferring from one place to the other. Getting my shoes on was a chore right after the accident, so a shoe falling off means ME having to wear the shoe AGAIN, or getting someone to do it. No Bueno!
  2. Sitting all day makes the legs/feet swell up. With Tennis shoes, no one really sees the swelling, and I believe the feet doesn't really swell up as much as they do in other kind of shoes. 
  3. I wasn't really into flats before the accident, so it didn't occur to me to buy cute flats instead of just tennis shoes. I was like, "ugh, can't wear high heels, guess tennis shoes it is". LOL, Lame! I thank God I later discovered the beauty in  flats, and sandals. 
Well, those three reasons are sorta the main reasons why I wore tennis shoes most of the time during the first year/two after the car accident. I occasionally  wore ballet flats then, but honestly, laced up shoes (tennis like) were my favorite. I was always on the move in school, and the last thing I needed was being stopped by a fallen shoe. 

Anyhoo, fast forward to my first summer after the accident - This was after one semester back in college. That summer, I was like OKAY, No more tennis/laced up shoes, there has to be something better out there - So, cue in my discovery of  CUTE sandals/flats, and non-high heel but seriously cute shoes that can be dressed up or dressed down. :-D 
I also discovered that buying flats in a size bigger than my regular size is the key! That way, when my feet do swell up from sitting all day on the wheelchair, the shoe has room to accommodate the swelling, without giving me a headache (and all the other signs of Autonomic Dysreflexia), Ignore that last part if you don't know what it is. Lol.. Spinal Cord Injury/Wheelchair People should know though.  
I'm naturally a size 9 and half or 10 in shoes, so I always have to try my shoes on to see how they fit and as I stated, I always try to go a size bigger when I can (if it's available). I buy size 10 and half of 11 sometimes. Yes, 11s are hard to find, but I love my health so much that I'd rather not buy a shoe than have it kill me. Lol.. 

Whoa, this is getting long.. better cut it short before I lose someone. Lol...

Alright, a couple of months ago, actually, No, Last Year August, for my birthday, I bought a really cute dress and wanted shoes that would absolutely compliment it! In my mind, I knew the perfect kind of high heels that would match, but because of the wheelchair foot plate, the idea of high heels sounded ridiculous to me. How exactly would I place my feet? I had tried so many times, and it just didn't feel/look right.
Anyhoo, that August, I went into Dd's discount and found a pair of black wedges that I loved. I tried it on, and it fit me perfectly without discomfort! Plus, since it was wedges, the bottom sat very well on the wheelchair's footplate!

I blogged about that shoe and my birthday outfit last year . 

Ever since I found that black wedged shoe, I was happy I could still wear some form of high heels while on the wheelchair! Being strong and being able to completely dress myself in whatever outfit I want to wear certainly helped me to verge into this area of wearing high heels on the wheelchair. I can wear my shoes myself should they fall off my feet during a transfer, so yeah, that helps with shoes that do not have buckles.

Phew! This long post to bring you to pictures of me rocking some cute floral high heeled wedges I bought from Dillards. 

Here it is in all its gloryyyyy! 

I whipped out one of my favorite dresses to go pair with the floral wedges for a dinner type event I went with the boyfriend. 
Face of the Day... Something simple and natural with lose curls on my hair. 

The Kissy Fishy, Ducky, whatever else you call it face. Hahaha

I have shared with you all that there is NO WAY I will wear short dresses without panty hose/tights. Lol.. I've got thick legs you see, and sitting on the wheelchair... yeah, uhmm, let's not getting into that. Let's just say, I'm not one to give people free shows so I gotta cover up my goodies. Lol.. 

The Boo caught me really paying attention to whatever was going on. I generally don't like pictures at this angle, but I liked this one. Lol..  Candid pictures are awesome to me. 

I have a variety of tights because of my short dresses - Yet another wheelchair fashion Tip.

Wheelchair Photography Tip: Turn a little to the side while taking picture in a dress. Especially IF you're not crossing your legs over each other. Being sideways helps keep your legs closed. 

 These next two pictures are not crisp clear, but you get to see the shoes better on my leg. This was pretty much how I had my leg while sitting at the table. I had Both legs off the footplate of the wheelchair. When I needed to move, I put my legs back up.

In case you're wondering how I got both of my legs to stay so closed to each other - wheelchair girls know this is hard even without heels, and harder WITH heels - Well the trick is, I pulled the bottom of my dress to it's max and tucked it under my thighs. That pulls both of my legs together and keeps them closed. Remember, NO FREE SHOW! Lol...Also, placing my feet the way it's positioned below helps keeps the legs together. 

And no night is complete without a selfie. Lol...

I wore this outfit and shoes to Project Walk Dallas' First Anniversary!
As most of you know, I started a fund raiser to go for physical therapy at project walk. I am currently taking a break from therapy because I'm low on funds, but I can't wait to go back there and continue the extensive physical therapy towards my goal of walking again.
I always count my blessings and don't let the wheelchair take away from living my life to the fullest, and my faith has always been that I will walk again, so I would appreciate it so much if you all share my fund rasing page with your friends and family to help me out. Oh Oh, and of course, I'd love you forever if you donate too. :-D
CLICK HERE to go the fund raising page. 

Dress - Forever 21. I need to wear it more. Blogged about it the first time I wore it, and now is the second time. I love the color and peplum design so much!
Shoes: Dillards
Necklace: Forever 21
Makeup: Bella Tella Mineral Cosmetics Powder/Foundation. And Nude Eyeshadow from my Kiss Palette.
Tights/Panty Hose: JCPenny.

Alrighty, that's it for now darlings. I Hope this post gave someone out there hope, especially if you're thinking you can no longer wear the kind of shoes you like, or outfits you want because of a wheelchair or whatever else might try to zap you of your joy.

Note: Comfort-ability is Key, and I will tell you right now that I didn't wear this shoe throughout the night. At a point a took them off, just like able bodied ladies would.

Let me know if you have questions.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. Those are cute shoes, and I love the floral tights! I'm with you though, I don't like to go bare legged in most dresses. All day I'm worried my legs look bad (I've got those thick legs too lol) or that my knees are ugly? I don't know, but tights just make me feel better, haha.

  2. You are so beautiful and inspiring! More people need to know you and your story. I'm sure your helpful tips have helped so many to be more confident during their time in a wheelchair. Thank you and God bless you!

    1. You're so kind. Thank you and God Bless you too. :-)

  3. I admire your confidence re: heels. I'm about your same height, and I've never been very comfortable wearing them. I can walk in them, but I hate towering over people (especially men!). With my broad shoulders, I just end up feeling like "Here comes gargantuan woman!" The really frustrating thing is, most of the really cute shoes are high heel shoes... it's just so hard to find flats and kitten heels that I like as much.

    BTW... Those flowered wedges are adorable!

    1. Thanks a bunch for sharing. Aw you're kind. Lol I used to hate wearing heels (when I was walking) around short men, BUT I still did it because I Love High heels. Lol..

      I found out buying flats during the summer clearance sales is the way to go! :-) Cheaper cute styles because the stores have to clear out summer shoes for fall shoes.

  4. You are so beautiful...inside and out! The heels and tights are awesome together! =)

  5. Love your whole look. You are very beautiful . I love the heals!

  6. i have leggings that have the same print as your tights

  7. Cool shoes, and awesome post. I enjoyed it a lot!! Xxx

  8. Love your spirit, gorgeous! You look lovely! :)

  9. Good gravy you are stunning!!!
    Lovely post and lovely shoes!!! :D

  10. Lovely shoes!
    Beautiful!! Kisses for you!!

  11. Thanks for your compliments and comments everyone. :-)

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  20. You are so amazing and so brave! I love this dress !

  21. I have saved this for later and also to show my mom who insists that it would be too difficult for me to wear heels. I am wheelchair bound due to Cerebral Palsy and have always loved the idea of doing so.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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