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KOR Professional - 19mm Curling Wand Review + Bella Terra Cosmetics FOTD

Hello Love Muffins!
Hope everyone is doing well today... 

A couple of days ago, I posted on the blog about my adventure in DIY Hair coloring/ombre and I want to thank you all for your kind comments under the post. It made all the work I did so much more worth it and I actually realized I didn't do so bad with my hair. :-D
Well, I was so happy that I decided to curl my hair with a wand by KOR Professional. 
Their 19mm Curling Wand, specifically, this 19MM TOURMALINE CERAMIC ZEBRA CURLER that was sent to me for review by Kor's representative. 

Next picture is me and my curling wand. Would you believe the wand was HOT when I took this picture? Lol... Yet, I'm smiling.. hehe! The color in my hair also shows a bit more here! Yay!

Here's the package the Curling Wand came in. 
Everything had Zebra Prints on them, and THAT was my first thing of joy! I love designs and details, so a zebra print Hair tool was exciting to me. 

The Back of the Box. As you can see from this, My box is a Styling KIT with three essential hair tools. I am only reviewing the Curling Wand in THIS POST, but I will have my review of the straightener and the mini straightener coming soon after this.

This is a Ceramic Curling wand. KOR boasts of having Styling tools that produces heat that doesn't damage your hair, and as you can see, this hair curler is clip-free (which is why it's called a wand). 
It has one power button, and it's a switch on, switch off style button. Very easy and not complicated. 

 The kit I was sent came with a Glove (just one), that I must mention IS VERY NECESSARY when using the Curling wand, especially if you're a newbie to curling wands - You don't want to burn the tips of your fingers that is holding the end of your hair while being curled.

And now that we've gotten the details out of the way, it's time for some fun hair curling... 
I started with my hair exactly as you see it below.. 

Then I started curling from the back in small sections. I wore my glove on the hand that wasn't holding the curling wand. The way a wand works is that you wrap your hair all over the wand and hold it for about 3-6 seconds, then release for sweet curls like you see below. The tighter you want your curls, the smaller the sections you should curl. The longer your hold your hair to the wand, the tighter your curls are. 

Picture taken while I was still styling... 

If you section your hair big, and hold the curls for about 3 seconds, you'll get big wavy curls.
I wanted slightly tight curls, so I wrapped my hair around the wand, and held for about 5 seconds. Yes 5 seconds for each curl you see below. The wand gets hot quickly and it stays hot till you switch off the power button. 

I didn't put any heat protectant  on my hair.. (By my hair, I mean Weave), I usually protect weaves with heat protectants too, but since KOR said this Curling wand produces Good Heat, I was like, well, let's try it out. Lol.. (I was more confident trying it out since this is weave and not my real hair) -  but I figured out that the heat is good because it doesn't need to come in contact with your hair for a long period of time for you to get a good curling result.

I used this wand for my hair a couple of times and the result was good curls each time... 
Also, the curls in this post remained this way for 2 days (because I sleep HOWEVER I want). If I was careful and took better care of the curls, I have a feeling it would have lasted longer. 
The curls fell into loose waves after day 2 and I combed them into a sort of beach curl. 

I styled my hair by pulling everything to one side as shown below.. so I had curls on just one side.
And that brings me to the FOTD part of this post.. 

Everything on my face is by Bella Terra Cosmetics, which is actually a subsidiary - sort of sister company of KOR Professional. 
KOR and Bella Terra Cosmetics are owned by the same company, and I am impressed by how they strive to make beauty products that aren't damaging to females' face/hair. Mineral Cosmetics and Ceramic styling tools are good for you, and I can only hope that this becomes the norm in all aspect of beauty industry. 

P.S: The natural part of my hair was straightened with the KOR Professional Straightener! My hair was soo straight, I couldn't believe it! Look below.. you guys know I have natural (no relaxer) black hair, and it looks so straight here you'd think I used the creamy crack (relaxer). lol.. 

For my face - Bella Terra Mineral Foundation (It's an all in one foundation plus concealer, plus loose powder). I reviewed it in THIS POST.
For my eyes - Bella Terra Mineral Pigments (the 9 Stack Shimmer - Turquoise). I reviewed these in THIS POST.
Lips: Also the mineral pigment in a nude/pink plus bella terra Lip gloss.
My mascara and eye liner + eyebrow products are the only thing not by Bella Terra.

And Viola.. hair plus Makeup! Plus a BIG SMILE for you all!

I ran my fingers through the curls to get a bit more volume. I didn't use a shadow primer for my eyes, and the color pop so much!
Remember to read my review of the Pigments and Mineral Foundation by Bella Terra Cosmetics.

Overall thoughts on the Curling Wand:
I see nothing wrong with it, except that one should never use it without a glove. lol... I got burnt, so you know I speak from experience. The Glove really helps and makes holding your hair while it curls easier. You don't want curls that are half way done because you're being too careful and didn't wrap your whole hair around the wand. Don't say I never told you.

I advice using heat protectant for your hair whenever you put heat to it. Don't say because I didn't do it, you'll never do it again.

OH OH, and Last minute, I forgot to mention I didn't use ANY sort of hair product from my before to after pictures. Can you see how shiny the wand makes my hair after it curled it? I didn't use ANY PRODUCT.
The KOR Professional Curling Wand adds shine to one's hair after use and that's something I really love about it.

If you're interested in this or want to check out other products by KOR Professional, please visit their website. They have different styling tools and some of them have variety of designs from zebra print to Pink Cheetah.

That's it for now darlings.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. Love it! I'm gonna start cranking out some hair reviews when I get back from vacay, hope all goes well LOL :$

    1. Looking forward to them! Hope you're enjoying your vacay!

  2. Wow. This looks fantastic! Nice work and great review!

    1. Thanks Leslie. I really appreciate your comment. :-)

  3. Great review, it's really cool what this iron can do.
    And girl, I LOVE your eye makeup!! xx

    1. I know right? The things this wand can do. I was so impressed.

      Thanks dear. that eye makeup was pretty much random. lol...

  4. Great review! I love all the photos!

  5. Your hair looks so pretty!
    I want to get a new wand that doesn't taper like yours!

    1. You should so get this one. It's lovely Sarah!
      Thank you.

  6. The curls look fab! I have been eyeing different wands for a while--this one looks great!

    1. Thanks dear. Easy to get curls and easy to use wand. I have no complaints.

  7. Gorgeous curls! You make it look so easy! I will have to try this wand.

    1. It looks easy because it was easy. Seriously. You should definitely try the wand. :-) Thanks.

  8. Look at those fab curls! Beautiful on you!

  9. This makes me want to grow my hair again! You look fab with curls!

  10. Those curls are stunning and I LOVE your eye make up. You look amazing!

  11. I just purchased this wand from Marshalls, well the name on it says Bella Beauty, but this was the only review that came close to the iron I have. It looks just the same except it's blue with a different name, so I assume its the same iron. Thanks for the review. They must have discontinued the name because I searched everywhere. I haven't used it yet but it heats up very fast. I'll take your advice and buy a glove. I have natural hair also, so I'm hoping this was 13.00 well spent, lol.

  12. I love the way your hair came out. Lovely curls! I also really like your colorful eye makeup!

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