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The Best and Cheapest Black Nail Polish Everrrrrrrr!!!!


Ok, first things first, it's a new day and I didn't sleep this night that just  past. Instead of being tired, I am extremely hyper! I kid you not. I have gotten so much done due to my hyperactivity and I am quite proud of myself. This also is probably why I started this post with Yahhhh instead of my usual greetings.
Oh My, I promise you, I am not under ANY influence. Lol...

Anyhooooo, as the topic of this post says, today I shall be showing you all the Best, and Cheapest Black Nail Polish evaaahh! I was looking through my polish stash tonight.. well, last night? Doesn't matter! The gist  here is, I was looking through my stash and I saw my Holy Grail of a black nail polish - Kleancolor Black.

I have mentioned it many times on my blog, but I don't remember ever creating a post in its honor. Or at least, never giving it such an amazing title.. so I chose to remedy that.

Kleancolors cost me .99cents at all the local beauty supply stores around me, and so this Kleancolor is .99cents.

It has an amazing ONE coat formula and THAT is exactly WHY I LOVE IT! One coat, black polish, Smooth finish, No streaks, no bald spots.
Ha Look, the thumb says hi again today.

 I applied a coat of Seche Vite over it for my swatches.

I have mentioned on here times without number that I don't really fancy Plain Black polishes... because I love my black polishes to have some sort of glitter, or shimmer... But I must say darlings, I'm quite digging this look and I left it alone just this way. Makes me feel really happy in a very weird way! 

I definitely need some sleep if black polish is making me happy. Hahahaha... 
Well, That's it for now sugars. 
In case you're in the market for an amazing yet affordable black nail polish, Kleancolor - Black (Yes it's called Black), is the polish for you. 
Oh and it's WONDERFUL for nail art and Stamping too! 

P.S: I have tried LOTS of black polishes, Big brands included, and NONE has got me like this one has. Seriously, I have like 2-3 backups because I get frustrated when I lose one and need a black polish.
Occasionally I use other brands, but THIS right here, IS MY Polish! (Hahaha.. I totally sang/rap that last part).  

Till Later, God Bless. 


  1. OMG! What a colour! Is so nice,and it's so cheap! I need a nail polish like that! <3 <3

    My blog -> Marie loves heels

  2. Wnw black creme is cheap and another amazing one coater. I just may have to look for KleanColor black the next time I'm in the beauty supply store :)

    1. Yeah, that is one of the ones I loved before KC-black. I got a bottle once that sadly wasn't a one coater, so I was sad and never went back.
      You should totally check try out the KC black,. It's amazing.

  3. I knew it!!!! I have bought it before, after reading your review about how wonderful it stamped... :)

    1. Yayy!!!! *in my oprah voice*, YOU GET A CAR... You Get a Car... Uhmm Jk. lol..

      You are awesome Aylin. Glad you knew the polish even before seeing what it is. :-)
      I hope you like the polish since you got it.

  4. I'm so jealous! There are no beauty supply stores here besides Sally's so I can only get KC online :( I love their polish but haven't tried black yet. I will now though! Thanks for sharing and hope you get some sleep soon lol.

    1. Ugh that's sad. :-(
      It's a bit more expensive online, but ebay and amazon usually have great deals.

      You should try the black. I hope you love it. :-)
      And Yes, FINALLY GOT SOME SLEEP. But thing is, Now I'm awake at night replying blog comments. Lol..

  5. I have to agree I love this black I have like 3 of them! It is simply amazing! I get them for $1 at the swap meet!

  6. I was fully expecting you to say Essence Back to Black, lol. It's the darkest, creamiest black I've worn. One coat is amazing, though... Essence can't top that! ♥

    1. Hahaha.. No No, Not essence. One coat is the key here. One coat and cheap!
      Seriously, IT IS one coat, no cheating. Just one opaque coat.

  7. 'So pretty! I love a good, cheap black or white polish!! Gorgeous!

  8. I LOVE Kleancolor Black! It's my go-to black polish too! And I love it for stamping! It's so clean and opaque and nowhere near as big a pain to clean up after as Konad black. Love! =)

    1. Yay! So glad I'm not alone for real. KONAD black is a PAIN to clean up after stamping. That's another reason why I love KC Black.

  9. How fast does it dry? I've got some glittery Kleancolors that just refuse to dry at all :)

    1. This dries in good polish timing hun. I Know what you mean about some KC glitter polishes, and THIS is no way comparable to those glitters. Lol.. This dries fine.

  10. This is great. Awesome colour and it is so cheap. this is a great find.

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