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Hair Review + Video: Vanessa Nabi Super Weave Kobe 28"- Saber & Ideal Hair Arts 8" Closure

Hello Loves. 
Sneaking in with today's post to show y'all my not so new anymore hairstyle. 

If you're following me on Instagram, I'm sure you've seen me rave about my hair!
Well, I am so glad I documented the whole thing, and I am able to actually blog about it. 

Y'all know that as a DIY Lady, not only do I do a lot of things myself, but I love a good deal! Anything good quality that can be found at a great price makes me happy... and so I love to share those things with you all. 

I found out about Vanessa Nabi Super Weave at my local beauty store and I was sooooo very much in love with what I saw, but I couldn't find ANY review of this particular hair online, so of course, I chose to be the scape goat and I bought the hair, because I LOVED the length it came it! 28" y'all!!! 
This is the longest I've worn my hair, and to say I'm loving it, is putting it mildly!

Not Only do I love the length, I love the color I chose, and the overall result of the hair on my head. 

Some packaging pictures for you all. 

As you can see in the picture above, the hair came with different lengths of hair in it. 28" being the longest, followed by 26, 24, and 22 inches.

Also included in each pack are two different closures.

The closures didn't impress me one bit! I wouldn't be caught with this on my head. Lol.. They tried, but I say NO WAY to this closure!

I honestly just couldn't! lol...

Here's the second closure that came with the pack. 

All the hair in the pack.. Different colors. When fixed on your head, it creates an ombre look.

The wefts were a bit thin, and I disliked this at first...But I later loved it after sewing my whole head and realizing that the thin wefts made the weave look more natural and less BULKY on my head.

I also Doubled my wefts for sewing. And YES, ONE pack was still enough for my full head sew-in.

Each length were properly identified so you know which one you're using. I used the longest in the back etc

Since I didn't like the closure that came with this pack, I strongly recommend you leave out your real hair to cover up the track lines, or you use a good closure like I did. 

I used a Brazilian Body Wave Closure by Ideal Hair Arts on Ali-Express

The closure blended in SOO well with this Nabi Super weave that I was actually surprised! The closure is virgin hair you see, and the nabi is uhmm... not so virgin.. Lol

I cut in a few layers so that my 8" closure transitioned well into the Nabi Weave.

The finished look...you like?

I've had people asking me where I got my hair and all sorts of questions and compliments about this hair.

I realized I would have to create a separate post about this closure because there's so much I want to say about it, so stay tuned for that post beauties.

I give you a go ahead to make your purchase now if you are eager though. The closure is good. This DIYLady just loves in depth reviews. lol..

I had NO product in my hair for these pictures. I had been wearing the hair for 3 days before I took these pictures, and I am not a light sleeper! I sleep heavy, and the curls still look great!
Actually, as I type this(after two weeks of installing), my curls still look good. I put my hair in a side single braid before going to bed, and that's pretty much all I do till the next day.

The Nabi hair DOES take some heat, but no more than 400 degrees! It's not Virgin hair!
It takes heat, but be careful if you don't want to lose the natural curls it came with.
I only tried the heat on a small section of my hair for this review. If I completely straighten, or change my curls, I'll certainly let y'all know... especially on my Instagram @thediylady.

The Ideal Hair Arts closure is every bit AMAZING! It works with heat of all degrees, and holds curl so very well. Again, I'll have a separate post for this closure.

Sew in was done by me. My closure was also laid by me (No glue, all sewn). I didn't bleach the knots. I only created a part where I wanted it and flat ironed it to blend in with my Nabi Hair.

Overall thoughts?
I love this Vanessa Nabi Super Weave in Kobe 28". The color I have on is called SABER, but there are many other colors.
CHECK out your local beauty supply store if interested and you're on a budget. ONLY $29.99 for One pack, and That One pack is enough for a full sew in!
Cut in a few layers to get more volume if you choose to. Don't use too much product on the hair, at least in the first 2 weeks.

Remember, This is Beauty store hair, so don't expect too much,.
I have experienced some shedding, but NOT a lot! The hair hasn't frozen up on me or tangled into a hot mess YET! And I sure hope it doesn't do that ever! Well, at least until I'm tired of it.

I don't expect to wear this weave again, as I would a virgin hair, but I'll certainly let you all know if it surprises me and last another round of wear. Lol..


I also created a youtube video on my new Youtube channel!!! username: LizzyTheDIYLady --- Subscribe y'all. I'll be posting nail polishes, hair, fashion, and whatever else floats my boat - basically things I post on the blog.

Video Below: If you read all of the above, Watch the video for the music. :-D
And Please SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE - LizzyTheDIYLady and let me know if you want more videos, and what you'd like to see. :-)

That's it for now y'all.
Till Later, God Bless.

Discounts given in exchange for review, but opinions are 100% mine! 


  1. OK! I am so super impressed that you do this all yourself!! Unbelievable! You did a beautiful job! =)

    1. Thanks hun. It was something I started while kinda young. I am so glad I'm able to do my own hair when I choose to.
      Thank you so much for your kind words.

  2. WAH! I miss my long hair! Cosmo school has me changing it every week! Now you made me want to go get a sew in or something with all this long lusciousness...

    1. Girl, I am loving Long Hair! I totally understand how You have to change it every week. You're learning girl, don't worry! Soon you'll be done with school and showcasing everything you've learnt. :-D

  3. I like the idea of extensions but I feel like they would feel weird, do they? By your scalp I mean?

    1. I have been wearing them for a LONG Time, so they don't really feel weird. Lol.. Might be used to it, but I generally would like to say they don't really feel weird. Not on your scalp at least (if you get someone who really knows what they're doing to do them for you).
      Now if you get LOTS of extensions, you certainly might feel the weight on your head. :-)

  4. Ooooh look at you! You look fabulous!

    1. Flips hair.... Hahaha.. Thanks mama. Muahhhh!

  5. I love this. But I would be to chicken to try it by myself. Great job!

    1. Hahaha, it takes practice hun. :-D
      Thanks a bunch.

  6. Wow great job, looks amazing on you. You are such a gorgeous gal!

  7. I have the exact same hair and my curl is gone after 2 weeks now, any ideas of how to get that curl back? Also, how long would you recommend keeping the hair in, I too have a full sew in.


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