Tutorial + Video: How to DIY - Zooey Deschanel EMMY 2013 Checkered/Domino Nail Art

By Lizzy O. - September 25, 2013

Hello Sweets!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful day so far...
So today, I have another video up on my YouTube Channel. Have you subscribed yet?

Anyhoo, as most of y'all know, last Sunday was a day where Celebrities all got dolled up for the 2013 Emmy Award show. Lots of the ladies were glowing in gorgeous dresses and hairstyles, but lately, I love how more and more attention has been given to their NAILS!!!
Some news channels actually have mani camera, and a lot of pictures have flooded the internet with what some of the female celebs had on their nails to compliment their dresses!

Just about everyone's favorite nail-fashion-forward celebrity is Zooey Deschanel and this year, she did NOT disappoint! On her nails for the Emmy was a checkered dominoes style black and white nail art done by her wonderful nail artist Tom Bachik!

When I saw the mani, I was baffled at how complicated it looked, yet I knew it would be easy to do!
So I whipped out my video camera for a tutorial since I caught wind that a couple of people wanted to know how her nail artist DID HER NAILS!

Here's a collage of Zooey's nails and my result.

To recreate this look, I whipped out a black and white polish from one of my favorite brands - Zoya. 

Here are the basic things I used. 

Left to right: Zoya - Purity (White Polish), Raven (Black Polish), and a black Nail Art Pen thingy I got from ebay.

Zoya Purity was such an amazing canvas for this mani, and I couldn't have asked for a better white nail polish.
After painting my base color, I used the nail art pen to draw crosses on all of my nails, and then I used Zoya Raven to fill in the black checks you see on my nails. Simple right?

I then used a dotting tool to place dots on each opposite color.

Are you more of a visual person and don't understand what I just said above? lol.... 
Watch this video below. :-) 

Feel free to share your thoughts with me darlings... Love it? Hate it? 
P.S: Do not be limited to using just black and white polishes. Try this in other colors for even more FUN/WOW factor! 

That's it for now. 
Till Later, God Bless. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! That's a great how-to!

  2. You did a great job recreating this!

  3. Awesome! Love Zooey and your nails turned out so great!

  4. Great tutorial and such a fun mani!

  5. Ace, I LOVE this, your nails look fabulous!

  6. I love the contrast and the look! Adorable!

    1. Thanks hun. I would love to see these done in other colors.

  7. Great tutorial! I love being able to get the look of the stars!

    1. Thanks hun. When IG went gagaaaa over her nails, I took it upon myself to create a tutorial. :-) Glad you love it.

  8. So fun! Zooey always has the best nails time after time!

    1. She absolutely does. I used to think Katy perry did, But Zooey certainly takes the cake.


  9. very good tutorial like! I'm going to do.
    As I follow Judith bloglovin
    I follow your blog as a reader named Judy.
    I follow you on twitter as torteij88.
    you follow me back to where I follow you?


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