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KOR Professional - Solid Ceramic Straightener and Mini Straightener Review

Hello Beauties!
On the blog today is a review of what I can seriously without a doubt call the best flat Irons I have ever used! 

Seriously! I am in Love! 
Starting from the packaging, the design of  the flat iron, the way I can control the temperature on the bigger iron, all the way to HOW WELL THESE BEAUTIES really do straighten the curliest, thickest hair! Yessss honnneeeeyyyy! lol... 

I shared my review of  Kor Professional Curling Wand with you all, and I loved that wand so much, so I was certainly hoping that their Straighteners would WOW me as well, and boy am I glad!!!!
I have great news! I am beyond wowed!
So WOWED that I had to show this quick picture below to you all yesterday on my Instagram page @thediylady. 
I was very impressed with how this Iron straightened my wavy 28" Vanessa Nabi Super Weave Kobe - Sabe that I shared with y'all in THIS POST

Alright now, lets get down to the real review after that preview you see above! 

The two flat irons I'm reviewing today are by KOR Professional, and they are the Zebra Print Solid Ceramic Straightener and Mini Straightener.

These two came in a kit with the curling wand I reviewed in this post. This is what the front of the box looks like below. 

And the back of the box looks like this. With pictures and description of each of the items inside the box. 

Packaging was completely amazing! I love how the box also had zebra prints! I didn't throw my box away because of this fact. lol

There were some pamphlets and ONE glove inside the box.

As I stated in my review of the Kor Curling Wand, you certainly WANT to use this glove with the Wand y'all - if you don't want to burn your hands.
The Glove is not so necessary with the straighteners.

The pamphlets had warranty info and some other products by KOR inside of them.

Now, Y'all know by now that this DIY Lady LOVES a thorough review, so let's get to it. 
First up is the big mama Straightener - the Solid Ceramic Straightener. 

Aside from the on and off button, this straightener has a control center that allows the user to control how hot the straightener gets - and this is something I LOVE SO VERY MUCH about this product. You see, the weave I used for this review specifically stated that Heat shouldn't be used more than 350-400 degrees, so I was very happy I could control the setting to work better with the kind of hair I had on.
Interestingly, I actually went higher than the number recommended by my weave company, and the hair wasn't damaged, because KOR Boasts that the heat from their Irons are GOOD HEAT, and I say, YES INDEED the heat is good, because it didn't damage my weave!
If I'm not mistaken, 450 degrees is the highest number on this straightener.

Next up is my review of the Kor Mini Straightener!
This one has a simple Power On and Off button but it gets hot to a very good degree!
I was able to use this to straighten my natural hair, especially the baby hairs I have around my hairline. Works great for short hairs that are usually really hard to grab with the regular sized flat iron. I certainly recommend this flat iron if you have short hair. It allows for better control of your short hair when straightening.

And a Side by side comparison to show you the difference in sizes.
See, the Mini Straightener is indeed mini, but it is NOT useless. Again, I love it for my natural hair/short hairs.

Now let's get to some before and afters.
These were taken after a busy day, soooo uhmm hence the natural face look. But Bahhhh!!!!

Alrighty.. Well, I decided to straighten my weave because I washed it and it decided to poof out a bit on me. The more colored parts of the hair were getting a bit dry, and I knew a straightener would solve that tiny problem. So I whipped out my Kor Straightener!
I'm sure looking at this picture below, you can tell which is the before, and which is after using straightener. :-D

An up close look! Look at the difference. Brushed out Before on the left. Straightened and curled a bit on the right.

I didn't use any product on the hair before I straightened. The Kor Straightener did its job and also seemed to add some extra shine to my hair.

Why so sad Lizzy? Lol... Just tired loves.. like I said earlier, this was done after a busy day. I needed to straighten the hair before going to bed.

Oh lookie, my Closure that I spoke about briefly in this post! Doesn't it just look so natural? Like it's growing out of my head!

Completely done straightening!
I am aware I look a bit sad.. lmbo, seriously I didn't know I looked this sad while taking these pictures. being tired is no fun ehhh.

Who likes straight hair? I do, so very much, even though I don't look it. 

 Oh yay, a Happy FACE!!! I really love how straight my hair looked after using the Kor Straightener! It was much more manageable and my brush ran through it easier.

I definitely recommend these straighteners if you're in search of a new one or just need to replace an old one. :-)
Interested or want to check out other products by KOR Professional, please visit their website. They have different styling tools and some of them have variety of designs from zebra print to Pink Cheetah.

My Review of Kor Professional Curling Wand in THIS POST.

That's it for now darlings.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. Your hair is so pretty...and I love the zebra print!

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous both curly and straight! What cute print too! :)

  3. Your hair is amazing! Great review!

  4. Look at you with your sleek hair! Adorable!

  5. Nice, love the packaging, love the zebra design and love how it makes your hair so shiny.

  6. Love the design! Love your hair straight too!

  7. What a fun print! You look stunning!

  8. Thanks for your comments everyone. :-)
    I totally LOVE this straighteners!

  9. Oh, I need that mini straightener. It's the perfect thing to keep in a purse in prep for date night!

  10. Looks like an awesome product! I prefer my karmin straightener though, it's super professional and I love the hot pink version!


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