OOTD: Hanging on to summer in bright Colors...

By Lizzy O. - September 09, 2013

 Hello Loves
I have another ootd post on the blog today.
More summery and happy colors.
Yes, I know, I'm still holding on to summer. hahaha..

P.S: OOTD posts are really hard to title! I couldn't decide what to call this post. lol..

Anyhoo, here the full outfit I'm showing you all today.
Wore this to church yesterday and I was glad I got some kids to take pictures of me - which brings me to saying, I was impressed with the pictures the kids actually took..Yeah, some angles were OFF than I'd like ..Lol.. But, I think I've found gold y'all.. there just might be more OOTD posts from now on. Lol... 

I'm sure my top would be considered a dress to some people, but I had to pair it with my pink pants!

I kept my accessories to a minimum since I had so much color going on already. Just a simple earring and some bead bracelets.

Colors make me happy y'all!

And I know you see my shoes!!! I HAD to get them when I saw them in store!
This Outfit pretty much was inspired by my shoes.. I needed something to go with it, and I looked in my closet and put this whole outfit together to compliment the shoes. :-)

Nails were naked - I admit it, I go naked nails once in a while. Letting them breathe for a bit.

Makeup: Very minimal, neutral everything, except for a WONDERFUL lipstick I used by Nicka K (NK) called beach Fuschia. It was only 99 cents and it last all through for about 6 hours (basically till I ate lunch yesterday). AMAZING find!

Pants - Burlington
Shirt: Old, can't remember... One of my oldest tops
Shoes: Dillards

And that's it for now sugars. Feel free to leave me a comment. :-)
Till later, God Bless.

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  1. So fun and bright! And what lovely little helpers ;) Love it!

  2. Love the top and pants combo, so bright and you look great!

  3. I love bright colors! I'm always nervous to rock bright pants, but you pulled it off so well.

  4. I love the bright colours! You could also move to southern Arizona and have it feel like summer for a LONG time if you really want the season to last longer! ;)

    1. Hahaha I just might. Lol jk. Texas is actually not that bad with cold, but ehhh lol

  5. Gorgeous! This looks wonderful on you!

  6. You rock, girl! Awesome outfit, and I LOVE the shoes! :) x

  7. I love your pants! You look stunning! <3

  8. Thanks everyone. Summer is certainly my favorite season.

  9. Every girl needs some pink pants in her life! Love it.

  10. love the outfit! so glad you're not afraid of color!!


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