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Wheelchair Fashion: Fall/Autumn Look - OOTD, Thrift Finds, Orange Bag

Hello Gorgeous, yes you reading this, YOU ARE GORGEOUS!
On the blog today is my first ootd for this fall season. 
The weather around here is changing, but it's not crazy cold yet, so I can get away with blazers instead of heavy jackets. 

For this look, I paired some goodies I bought at the thrift store with some things I already had in my closet. 
Yes y'all, I went thrift shopping!
If you follow me on my instagram @thediylady, I'm sure you know how uhmm, iffy I was about going thrifting. Lol... I follow some ladies on blogs/youtube that find the cutest, one-of-a-kind goodies at CRAZY GOOD PRICES at thrift stores, so I finally told myself it was time to get over whatever phobia I had, and head over to the nearest thrift store in my area. And YEP, I went there, and I found some lovely stuffs, which I sent STRAIGHT to the dry cleaner before even trying them on. 

This post if full with a lot of FIRSTS for me. 
- My first blazer (that I like, and actually wore out). 
- My first time wearing green (at least to my knowledge)
- My first time sorta kinda color-blocking
- My first time wearing thrift store items.... 

Alright let's get to it then, shall we?

Here's my full OOTD. Can you guess what I bought from the thrift store? 

I am a colorful lady, and as such, I certainly still wear bright colors even in the fall, so this outfit shouldn't be a shock to you all.
I toned down the green/white with black pant. And I finished my look with chunky heel shoes, and an orange bag.

I styled my DIY BOX BRAIDS in a high bun, and had minimal/neutral makeup on. Then I used this green earrings I've had for ages and NEVER got a chance to wear since I really don't wear green.
Yes, this was basically the first time ever I'm wearing green, in as long as I can remember. 

I kept smiling while getting my pictures taken. lol... I really love this blazer and I want more.

I carried this orange bag because I've been known to be a goody-too-matchy-matchy. lol.... I actually DO love the color blocking, as these kids call it nowadays. Lmbo... Why am I talking as though I'm over my young age of 24? 

And finally a smile to you for reading this post. I love YOU. 
Feel free to leave me a comment below... :-)

If you leave without leaving a comment, here's the look I'm giving you below... Forget about that ^^ smile. Hahaha..

That's it for now darlings. 

And in case you're wondering which of these was bought at the thrift store.... *drum roll please*..... Both the shirt and blazer are from the thrift store. The blazer also came with a pencil skirt (and both the skirt and blazer are a total of $3.99). The floral shirt was $3.99 too  I believe.

Lessons learned from thrift shopping: 
- It's actually really lovely. The search is very interesting. Just waiting to see that one thing that CALLS your name, and then you look at the price tag and a big smile comes on your face. LOL...
I think the first thrift store I went into was badly organized and things looked weird, and that's why I never went back. BUT this time around, I was open to just finding whatever, and I searched through the racks, hoping something jumps at me.
I'll be blogging about the other things I bought at the thrift store, so stay tuned.
- I also learned that there are so many junk at thrift stores. lol, but in between those junks are some lovely items, like this AMAZING blazer and floral shirt. 
- Most Importantly, I learned that going thrifting with an open mind is the best thing you can do for  yourself.
- Lastly, I recommend you dry clean whatever you buy from there.  

Soooo... how many of you have been to the thrift store before? Did you buy anything fancy? Feel free to share your experiences with me. 

Till later, God Bless. 


  1. I'm glad you went for the green because it is definitely your color! I love that you got the top and blazer at the thrift store, too. So awesome!

    1. I'm so glad I chose the color too. I never bought anything in such color. I really want more now. Lol ..

      And yes thrift store finds! Such amazing goodies

  2. This is my first time reading your blog and I love you already! Love the outfit as well!

    1. Aww thanks for your kind words. :-) welcome! Hope to see more of you.

  3. you look so lovely!!!
    i so love your jacket and bag. XOXO

  4. That blazer is EVERYTHING AWESOME!!!! That bright green shade is my favorite...and it looks GORGEOUS on you!!

  5. Love that blazer! You look great in green! :)

  6. what brand is that bag, i love it!

  7. green looks so good on you! you've been missing out :) better stock up on it and go do some more thrift shopping cos you look like a high class lady.... no one would've guessed how much you spent...love the outfit hun

  8. Fabulous!!! So bright and vibrant! And I LOVE your bun!

  9. Freaking gorgeous! You are just too much (in a good way!) and I have that same purse but in a different color!

  10. This looks amazing on you! Green is definitely your color!

    1. Thank you Kelly. I am definitely getting more.

  11. Beautiful!! This look is amazing, I love!!
    Kisses, kisses anda kisses.
    Have a good day!

  12. Oh my gosh that green blazer looks amazing on you! Looking beautiful young lady.. I love love your shoes! That green is so you!


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