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Walgreens Haul + Review of Nail It Magazine


Double the post today. 
Did you miss my first post of the day? Click Here to See some of my suggested orange Nail Polishes for Halloween Mani/Nail art. 

Right now, I have a Walgreens Haul for you guyssssss!
Been a lil while I did a Haul Post. And I'm going on a no-buy starting from today, SOOOOO, I wanted to do this post to make myself feel better about my soon-to-be-Shopping-Hiatus. 

Here are the goodies I picked up from my local walgreens. 

I bought the NAIL IT magazine, which is the FIRST magazine I've ever purchased with my money.
Of course the first magazine I purchased with my money had to be Nail Polish related. :-D

I also got this Lip collection by BellaTrix, which I've only seen at walgreens.
I was very very much interested in it.  The lip pencil and lip crayon were really what attracted me to it. And then when I saw that the price for this one pack was $5, I jumped on it.
One NYX lip Pencil is Just about that same price, so I figured, getting a lip pencil and everything else in here was worth it.
Also,  I must mention, I've tried everything in here and I LOVE IT! Well pigmented and the lip pencil is long lasting on the lips. I will have a swatch and review post of this collection on the blog soon.

I also got two mascaras from Maybelline, and uhmmm some nail polishes duh... lol

Here are the Nail Polishes I picked up from sinful colors.
Left to right: Sinful Shine - Who's the gloss, Sinful colors - Decadent, Leather Loose, Gold Medal, Purple Diamond, Pine Away, and Blue by You.

And I have a simple review of the Nail It! Magazine.
This was such a fun and light read. I truly love the magazine, and all the things written in it.
It was certainly something that even someone who wasn't too big in NAILS would understand and enjoy reading, and also learn from. Also, if you are a nail guru/addict, you should enjoy it...

They showcased some celebrity nails, and I LOVE that they also featured some nail bloggers inside of the magazine. The bloggers shared some of their favorites with the readers, and also pictures of their works were shown.
I was very happy to see a section in the magazine that had pictures from random people on instagram. That certainly makes the magazine reader interactive.

If they keep this up, I see them going higher and higher. Seeing this in Walgreen made me really happy y'all. TURN EVERYONE INTO NAIL POLISH LOVERS!!!

Oh, but one thing I disliked in the magazine was when they called a glitter gradient an Ombre effect. I was like Uhmmm, NO! Get it right. lol...
But other than that, I actually enjoyed the magazine, and hopefully one day my nails will make it in ehh? :-D

Alright darlings, that's it for now.
Hope you enjoyed this mini haul...
As always, individual swatches/review of all the rest of the stuff I bought will be posted on the blog at a later time.
I am sad to be going on a no-buy, but it's been a while I went on one, and I uhmmm Need to do this. lol... Starting Now till end of November? (Question mark because I doubt I'll last that long). lol...

Are you on a nobuy? Or do they never work for you?

Thanks for reading.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. You chose some really cool polishes :)
    I have only been on an involuntary no-buy once, back when my Visa card was blocked for other reason, lol!

    1. Hahaha. Yes, you see, that certainly you had no control over.
      I had to put myself on one, before I become Involuntarily broke. LOL....

      Oh and yes, these colors were sorta missing in my collection. I try not to own too many dupes or close to's, but these were fresh, so they came home with me.

  2. Oh my gosh I didn't realize the latest NAIL It! mag is out.. Being I run a beauty based business that sells indie brands of nail polish as well as other beauty products.. for me a no buy doesn't really work. BUT it does work if I am not buying things like plug ins for my Wordpress blog. lol (long story). or brands of polish that I do not offer or can't offer.. (like Sinful brand) but they make great colors to wear under glitters.. I guess I am just a hopeless case.. you sure pick up some awesome colors! Which ones are you going to try first?

    1. Oh yes it's out! Lots of fun stuffs in it. I Seriously just enjoyed seeing the "regular people - instagram users" nails.

      And Hahahahhahaha, You seriously crack me up!! FUNNY FUNNY!! BUT, You do have a valid point, you need to buy... for layering and stuffs. Sigh.. I'm such an enabler. haha

      Oh, and I can't decide which to try first. LOL.. But the blue is taking the lead right now. It looks beyond amazing in person. :-D

    2. AND OMG, I just discovered you're from Overall beauty! Hahaha, Totally SMILING BIG that you commented on my blog. THANKS!!! :-D

      You definitely DON'T need to be on a no-buy. Hahaha...

    3. Yeah!! No-buy works about that ohhhh look at that glitter! Hahahaha why thanks! I just realized I used my real name (most people think I wrote a book and drink green smoothies all day long.. why using Overall Beauty is just easier) Like the money that brings in for her that is for sure!! ;)

      You would not be my first enabler.. ;) I do not have at my Walgreens the Sinful Shine with Gel Tech. When I saw them and made a comment, a buddy of mine send me a few.. see? No help at all! Can you get anise in your area? I just bought buy1Get 1 free .. freaking amazing colors!

      OH I am not only from Overall Beauty I am the owner and, I am a blogger too! Check out my blog when you got time. lol ThoughtsofBeauty.com leave a comment if you like :)
      Get this, I love this logic!!
      I had someone tell me she was on 'no-buy' and then went ahead and bought base coat and top coats. I asked her, aren't you on no-buy? She told me base coats/top coats don't count as part of 'no-buy' because they are must needed items.. Works for me!!

      You are so so right.. I got holographics coming.. shhh

  3. these colours are just so cool.


    1. Thanks gorgeous. They really are pretty unique colors.

  4. I love sinful colors!! And a glitter gradient is an ombre... ombre means gradient.

    1. Ha, The verdict is still out on that. Lol... I got into this discussion and we couldn't conclude. LOL..
      ombre is a graduation of colors, but since glitter isn't really a color, shouldn't we just stick with Glitter gradient? LOL, ehh, not really important anyways.

      And YESSSSS, Sinful colors are amazing. their collection of nail polishes has seriously blown my mind away. The textures, the finishes, everything they do now is just beautiful. Hopefully they stay that way or continue to improve. AND the prices, NO complains here.

    2. OH and that blue by Sinful Colors is really cool.. I am into purples this week.. But Alisha is right, ombre is the same thing as gradient.. Do you have any tips on how ombre nails? You see them all over on pinterest..and it looks neat!


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