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Wheelchair Fashion: Leopard Print OOTD + Blabs about an EPIC MOMENT ....

Hello Lovers. 
Late post on the blog today... 
I have an OOTD I wore to an event this past weekend. It was the Launching of a foundation for the blind
As a wheelchair user, any foundation that supports people with challenges is dear to my heart, so I certainly supported the event in my own little way and had a Blast at the launching because it went well, and because one of my ALL TIME favorite musician - Yinka Ayefele performed at the event! 

I initially planned to wear a different outfit to this launching, but I changed my mind at the last minute (as if that's a new thing.. right? lol). 
So I went with this leopard print gear, and accessorized with gold.
I've certainly being on a print kick lately... ;-D

This picture is only here to show that my pants had pockets THAT I LOVE so much!!! Lol... 

My face was pretty much neutral colors.
I cut my hair that I blogged about in this POST to get this look below. I just got scissors happy last week and chopped off some length and added in some layers by myself. DIY is so much fun! lol..

I wore a pointed black shoe with gold belts on top of it. 

Y'all know I'm always on the search for cute flat shoes I can wear because of the wheelchair's footplate. 
The fact that this had pointed fronts made me snag it at the store!

And that's it for my ootd darlings. Keep smiling y'all! 

In other interesting news - You know how I mentioned in the beginning that I got to see one of my favorite musicians perform at the event?
WELL, Guess what?
He ALSO wore a leopard print outfit TO the event, and Darlings, I WAS IN AWE!! I couldn't believe my eyes. Lol..
I looked to my friends when he came inside and I said to myself OMG! Is HE wearing.... wearing... wearing... Leopard print?!?!

For those of you who don't know who Yinka Ayefele is, he's a Nigerian musician who mostly performs at events with his band, and he was involved in an accident that resulted into a spinal cord injury years ago.
Yinka Ayefele had since the accident become an household name (mainly amongst Yoruba Nigerians), and has been singing his soul out ever since.
I was very honored to meet him in person here in Dallas, before the event (as I shared on my instagram page - @thediylady), and I was even MORE flattered and humbled when - during the event - he came to where I was dancing and Sprayed me money as is custom at Nigerian parties. He also SANG MY NAME TO ME!!! Lizzy Lizzy Baby or something like that was all I heard, and I went extra banannnaaassss with my dancing! Lol...

THIS my dear friends WAS the highlight of my weekend, and I STILL get flashbacks to how amazing it was! Mr. Ayefele is a fun, cool and inspiring man!
I shared this already on my instagram page, so here's the picture.

Okay y'all, I know I make interesting faces when dancing. LOL... But OMG!!! Totally fan-girling even TILL NOW!

I am so Glad I have an amazing friend who THOUGHT FAST and took those pictures of me when THAT EPIC MOMENT ABOVE happened!

Alright, I'm gonna stop now... because frankly I can keep going and going.....

Shirt, shoes, and belt: Dd's discount
Pants: Ross
 Necklace: iKatehouse.com 

Till later sugars
God Bless.


  1. Look at you! Fierce and gorgeous as always, sounds like an amazing time!!!

  2. So fun! You look great and it sounds like a fantastic event.

    1. Thanks a bunch. It was an amazing event for a great cause.

  3. You are so pretty...and that outfit is great! I love that you and the musician wore the same print!! =)

    1. As are you pretty lady.
      Thanks and yeah the outfit bit was really really exciting. Lol

  4. Awwww, so cute!! You are adorable! <3

  5. That's so great- your face in these pics is priceless!! And I am currently OBSESSED with jumpsuits- love the outfit!

    1. Actually, this was not a jumpsuit. Lol.. It was a pants and shirt. tucked the shirt in, and added a belt where the shirt and pant met.
      But thank you so much. The prints match so well that it actually does look like a jump suit.

  6. okay you are officially breaking my hreart with those smiles of yours. OMG being in a wheelchair and u can still smile so warmly and angelic then i dere not complain about the vain things of this life. i so love the fact that you don't act like the victim instead ur smiles shows mi that you are the victor. i will be honoured if you visit my blog. ezechimereuchenna.blogspot.com

    1. Awww you're so kind. Thank you so very much. I thank God for this spirit he has given me and I am truly blessed.
      Thanks for your comment once again, definitely checking your blog out.

  7. You looked amazing in your outfit!!

  8. omg, I LOVE this! anyone that rock a jumpsuit is my idol.

    1. Thanks a bunch. Haha... except this is not a jumpsuit, but that was the look I was going for. :-)

  9. You look beautiful!! :) This outfit is HOT!


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