Wear your heart on your nails: Making Heart Shapes with dotting tool

By Lizzy O. - 6:00 AM

Hello Darlings. 

Today I have a mani I created by playing around. 
This wasn't planned and I was just trying to see how well I'd do using a dotting tool to make heart shapes on my nails. 
I loved the result enough to blog about it, so here ya go. Lol... 

This was done a while back and I found it in my sd card and figured, Oh yeahhhhhhh BLOG POST!!
My nails are currently short and doesn't make me happy.. so I haven't done any blog worthy nail polishing... 

I used all sinful colors polishes for this mani.
My base (light purple) is called Uhmmm can't remember...
The accent nail (ring finger) base is Leather Loose and it naturally dries matte/suede
And the heart shapes were made with Sugar and spice

I added a top coat on my ring finger. Really shows you another side of Loose Leather. 

And then i added some more heart shapes on my middle finger. I did all these with dotting tool by the way. 

This was pretty easy and simple and I couldn't be happier...
Hope y'all are doing very well.

Till later, God bless. :-)

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  1. Pretty! love it! perfect for valentine's day!

  2. Love hearts, haven't tried one in a long time. Will use my dotting tool. Thanks!

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