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Wheelchair Fashion: Little White Dress?

Hello Everybody... 

Feels good to be blogging today. Yes I took a mini break y'all. Break from all the nail polish fumes, and all the nail polish removers, and all the blogging stuffs. BUT I think I'm back. 

And I bring to you all a wheelchair fashion outfit of the day! 
I love dresses and y'all know every time I wear a short dress, I have to wear tights with it, cos I don't want to flash my goodies to the world in front of me as I push the wheelchair. lol... 

This white dress I'm wearing in today's post captured my heart because of the details on the upper front part of it. Details that ended up not showing in most of my pictures because of the outdoor lighting.
But here is a bit of it before we get into more pictures.
My necklace is a one piece. A bit heavy. lol...

The joy I feel when taking pictures, I have to try really hard to keep a straight face. lol.. I stay talking, laughing, and making weird faces. 

Though it was a bit chilly outside when I took these pictures, I braved it out...

Hair!!! Reviewed in THIS POST.
Waves/curls were gotten with Kor Hair Curling wand, and I brushed the curls out to turn them to waves.

Smile! Pose! 

More dress details... 

As always a gazillion pictures were taken...  When I couldn't take the cold anymore, I threw my jacket on. Love this Jacket - first because it's purple, and second because it's fashionable. I must say it's kind of pain cos it's Heavy. 

I saw a meme about why women look at the ground when taking pictures and how it needs to stop in 2014. LMBO... I know I do it a lot, but it's the only way I can keep a serious face. AND I am not stopping any time soon, despite what that meme said. Lol.. 

And that's it y'all.  Stay joyful, make a silly face, and pose for a camera! 

As always, thanks for visiting!
I hope your 2014 is going great so far. 

Lots of love and hugs. 
Until next time, God Bless. 


  1. my dear i just love looking at your outfits and pictures.
    very lovely vibe and the way you have fun with the camera.
    totally in love with your hair.


  2. Nice outfit! I really like your purse and shoes!

  3. This outfit is so awesome, you look beautiful!

  4. GIRRRLLLL!!! you is styling!! love the dress & shoes!! loveee your necklaces and that purse is to die forrrr!! LMBO about looking at the ground!!

  5. I love your outfit!!! That dress is so pretty and something I could see my sister wearing and she's uber trendy! :)

  6. That's a gorgeous dress and a fantastic necklace. You look grrrreat!! :D x

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone. :-)

  8. Those boots are lovely and your hair is gorgeous

  9. M glad I stumbled upon ur blog today!! Wow m a fan.thank u for inspiring me. I must say u beautiful

  10. Hi! I love your dress!! I am looking for a dress exactly like this to wear in my October 2018 wedding. Can you please send me a link or tell me where you purchased this dress?
    Thank you!!! Jill Myers


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