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Who is Lupita Nyong'o and Why Do People Like Her?!

Hello World.

Today, I have a different kind of post on the blog. Yes, I'm talking Hollywood, I'm blabbing about Lupita Nyong'o. Don't know her? Well, she's so many things to so many people, but technically, she's an actress of Kenyan origin who was born in Mexico. 
She became "Popular" after her role in  Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slave  as Patsey. 

More importantly, she became really huge after some public appearances in outfits that looked ready-made from God himself in heaven when he sent her to earth. 
Think I'm exaggerating? CLICK HERE to catch a glimpse. 
She is also the new "It Girl" in Hollywood.

Now that you know who Lupita Nyong'o is (to a certain level), I shall move on to the next question, WHY IN THE HECK OF ALL HECKS DO PEOPLE LIKE HER?!

Well, there are so many ways I can answer this question, but I'll just start off by saying, she certainly hasn't brought world peace, or the cure of AIDS/Cancer to mankind. BUT, with as much buzz as is around her and her name, you can't tell those who love her that she isn't the best thing since rice and beans. They love her and that's pretty much all they will say... ohhh, wait, they'll also tell you that she's been nominated for so many awards, she's a great actress, she dresses amazingly, she has such a beautiful skin that they wouldn't mind eating off of, and that she exudes something they can't put into words but could be elegancesophistication, realness, and enjoying being in one's own skin

That being said, I must let you know that based on my vague research online and thoroughly looking through the hashtag #LupitaNyongo on Instagram, it's evident that a lot of the people that are in love with her, chopping her dodo and drinking her cool-aid haven't EVEN SEEN the movie that put her on the map - 12years A Slave. Majority don't know how it started, and they don't know nada about her life, but they swear she's the best thing since they ate fries with honey mustard (something you should try if you haven't already). 

Think I'm joking? Go to her page on Instagram, you'll see strangers defending and fighting battles that doesn't "coin-sign" (concern) them. I personally sat down one night and was educating my Le boo of life (the Boyfriend) on how amazing I think she is. He was like "you haven't even seen her movie"! To which I replied and I sternly said that's not the point. Lol. 

After our conversation that ended by me pretty much saying Lupita can do no wrong, I sat down and asked myself, ok Lizzy, what is it you really like about this girl? Is it because she has a good PR team that ensures she's in your face all the time (looking like a bag of money with that glowing skin of hers)? Is it because she's of African origin like you and you're kind of proud and happy for her? Is it because she went to Yale?
Surely there are many girls in my village that look like her. Why are they not stars? 

When I was done with my soul searching and shrinking myself on why on earth I love Lupita Nyong'o, I came to the conclusion that me, like many others, don't really have a valid reason why we love her. We say we like her style, but if some of us dare to wear some of the clothes she wears, we'll be sent to yaba left (a place for people who really have NO idea what they're doing)

Bottom line of this epistle is this: People like Lupita Nyong'o because IT'S HER TIME TO SHINE. She's the perfect example of the phrase "When it's your time to shine, NO ONE can hinder your light". 

There's a time and season for everyone, and right now, it's Lupita's time. I wish her nothing but continued success. 

I want to know, Do You Like Lupita? 
What exactly do you like about her? 

Thanks for visiting...I Hope you like this kind of post. I'll get back to regular scheduling soon... 
Please don't over analyze what I've written.... It a continuation of a post I made on my Instagram page... I was cajoled into writing a blog post about it, and I did. 

That's it for now Loves, 
Till Later, God Bless. 


  1. I had never heard of her before I read this post! She is certainly stunning and a gorgeous girl. And has an amazing smile too.

    I'll need to check the film out now!

    1. Now you know hun. I too have to watch the movie so I can have more reason to validate my love for her. lol...

  2. I've been in love since I saw her in Vogue. I hate to sound vain, but she is just so incredibly stunning that I can't help but love her. Her Vogue interview also showed so much intelligence and humility but when I look at her I'm honestly not really thinking about that because I'm so enamored by her beauty.

  3. She was absolutely amazing in 12 Years a Slave...and I look forward to seeing her in more films. She's elegant, graceful and so very talented. Those are the reasons why I admire her.

  4. I ove lupita nyongo, if you've seen 12 years a slave you will understand. Outstanding performance, she made me believe her, i felt her pain, i felt like i was in the movie lol...(that's how good the cast was). I like her because she is product of hardwork and patience. Honestly from shuga to here?? who would have known. She has such a humble demeanour , her style is ameeeeezing and she's inspiring

  5. Sounds like a little hatearation to me. Why do I need to validate why I like her? Is this asked of other actors/acteress? I think not

    1. But since I like her, is this really hateration?

  6. Sounds like a little hatearation to me. Why do I need to validate why I like her? Is this asked of other actors/acteress? I think not


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