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Wheelchair Fashion: Black and White Polka Dot OOTD

Howdy peoples!
Hope y'all are having a fab day so far!
It's an ootd post on the blog today and this is pretty much how I look on days I don't have time to get dressed up but also don't want to look like I jumped straight out of bed. lol... 

Black easy to wear pants and then I get any kind of top on it! 
On this day, I was running late for church and I still wanted to look decent to my father's house, so I made the quick decision to wear this. 
There was NO time for makeup, so powder, little bit of eyebrow filling in and lip gloss was all I had to work with. 

Since I had minimal makeup, I threw on my nerdy glasses from Firmoo to distract from my almost naked face. lol... 

Thankfully, the night before, I had my hair in braids, so when I loosened it that morning, I had some waves in my hair and I dashed out the house because I had to be in church on time (as a choir member). LOL.

Full outfit!

Noo.. I didn't magically lift my left leg up on my own... Spasms/Tone did that. It confuses people so much when my legs start to lift or shake on their own. 

The sun was out to shine on my skin and I LOVED it!
My shoes are so comfortable, I love them. They were my first pair of high heel shoes after the car accident. When I learned that wedges were comfortable on the wheelchair footplate and kept my feet balanced, I was HAPPY and so I began to wear wedged heels on the wheelchair. 

Do you notice the slight purple at the base of my hair? No?
Well it's kinda there. I found a product called "Hot Hues" at Walgreens and I wanted to try it out, since it's pretty much hair chalk. When I used it, the color was very evident in my hair, but as the day went on, the color sorta kinda flaked off. lol... And stained my shirt a little bit.
I'll try to do a review on the product in another post. 

I was caught taking a selfie. Yes I was really caught. lol.. This was kind of after we paused with the photo session. This is my angle when I use the front facing camera on my phone. LOL...
My glasses from firmoo really had me feeling extra hawwwtt! lol... Yes to glasses that distract from no makeup faces. 

I see you!

Do you like the waves I got by braiding my hair? 

We had taken all of the pictures before I thought I could have used lipstick. lol... I still got some shots anyway.
Imagine how different my look changed just by using lipstick. Now I know another no time for makeup trick. USE lipstick!

When I have dark lippies on, I don't smile though.. Lol.. I mostly pull faces like these... 

That's it for now y'all.. Peace OUT!!!

As always, ask any questions, leave a comment, share with me what you do on you no time for makeup but still want to look decent days. I'd love to hear! AND remember, a lipstick certainly transforms ones look! 

Like my glasses? CLICK HERE to read on how you can get one free. 

Take care...Thanks for visiting. 
Till Later, God bless.


  1. Love that lippie on you, its stunning!

    1. Thanks a bunch hun, It's a combination of about 2 lipsticks and a lip gloss

  2. am totally coming to get that shoe from you.
    it looks freaking gorgeous. i love your outfit and your glasses and lipstick make you look very chic.


  3. I love the outfit and the glasses! That sunshine looks magical! :D

  4. You crack me up! And your outfit is fantastic :)

  5. Hehe! You're adorable! <3 Lipstick really DOES change a no-makeup day! Also, I really need to see a review on the hair chalk - SO interested! <3

  6. I love the polka dots! You look so cute in glasses <3

  7. LOVE your glasses and polka dot top! Your poses always make me smile!

  8. Peace out - you look absolutely awesome!! <3

  9. ur skin is flawless! If l had to go MakeUp free, I'd look like a panda! Love the purple in your hair! I see ya trying on colors <3

  10. Awww...that polka dot top is so pretty. You look stunning with your glasses.


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