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#MakeYourMove: Styling on a wheelchair - It's Possible!

Hello loves, 
Hope you're having a lovely day and excitement is in the air wherever you are!

Long time no style post, so let's get into this!

I chose to pair my Ankara peplum top and scarf with this bright blue pants and a nice wedged sandal. 
As I've told most of you before, wedges are my best friend for when I want to wear my fancy shoes for a long period of time. The wedged heels allows the shoes to sit nicely on the wheelchair's footplate and keep my legs looking fancy. 

For photography's sake however, I tend to position my legs in a way that makes them look very stylish - as you can see below. 

My Inspiration for tying my scarf like this came after watching Queen Of Katwe movie. 
I loved all of lupita Nyongo's head-tie/scarf styling. 

If you need ideas on how to tie ankara scarfs or even turbans, remember to check out THIS VIDEO I made on youtube. 

I get so many messages from people asking me how I style and dress myself despite being on a wheelchair.

And I must say, the journey to happiness hasn’t always been an easy one. It becomes even more difficult when life throws curve balls your way and you begin to doubt how much you can accomplish. When you choose to persevere and follow your dreams to living a happy and fulfilled life, you find that you are capable of so much more than you thought you were.

After my car accident, I genuinely thought I would be confined to “looking boring” and wearing nothing but long boring dresses all the days of my life. Though I found a way to be comfortable with long and easy to wear dresses for a while, I had to make my move and challenge myself to develop certain skills that would enable me to dress myself the way that I wanted to. From occupational therapy, to physical therapy, I learned so much that enabled me to dress and style myself. I am still on the quest to go beyond where I am now with regards to my style and life in general, because no matter how good you think you are, there is always another level of excellence you can attain.

Never become comfortable, take risks, keep your eyes on your goal and always be confident to #MakeYourMove because you have all it takes to be a master at whatever you put your mind to doing. The movie #QueenofKatwe said it best: "You belong where you think you belong." If we as human beings do not choose to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, and strive to go far beyond the situations we find ourselves in, then we do great injustice to the better versions of ourselves that we could become. “Losses happen to all of us but what matters is that we reset the pieces and begin again” - @QueenOfKatweMovie Disney’s Queen of Katwe Now On Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere, On Blu-ray 1/31 http://izea.it/aXzg6SP #ad

Thanks for visiting,
Stay strong and keep pushing!
Till Later, God bless. 


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