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Pink Hair Loving - Hair Details Included

Happy Friday lovely people!

I'm so excited the weekend is upon us because that's when the ultimate Fine Girl in me gets her time to shine. LOL... With little to no time to spend on hair and makeup during the week, I'm quite grateful  and thankful for my most recent hairstyle. It's low maintenance and keeps me looking like I tried to look good to work.  

Ladies on snapchat and instagram have been asking me to spill the beans on this hairstyle. I've been getting questions like: Is it a wig? Is it a weave? Did you dye it yourself? Is it Pink? Is it red? Lizzy, what is this hair and HOW CAN I get it? 

Well, wonder no more darlings, because TODAY, I have answers! 

Below is a pack of the hair I've been rocking lately and if you guessed it was a wig, YOU GUESSED RIGHT! 
This is the Freetress Equal Invisible L Part Wig in Chasty - Color number OF99J530BG.

I bought this wig from my local beauty store but a quick search on google shows me that you can buy this in a lot of online stores INCLUDING AMAZON! There are variety of colors to pick from but can I just say this color I got is my favorite? 

I like the part that the wig comes with but I think I need to tweeze some of the hair off and open up the part a bit more.

This hair is sooooo low maintenance and I seriously only have to run my fingers through it every morning. I've worn it every day for over 2 weeks now, and I brush it every other day. It's tangle free and I haven't used any heat on it yet. The curls are still as popping as when I first got them.

This wig is the real MVP and dare I say the best beauty supply store wig I've ever purchased. For it being under $30 and requiring no manual labor whatsoever, I am certainly IN LOVE. 
I didn't have to cut any lace off the front (Hairline) or do ANYTHING to it other than bringing it out of its pack and putting it on my head. 

It has a band on the inside and 3 combs to firmly secure the wig on your head. 

I believe I have answered the most common questions I've been asked about this wig, but please if you have further questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. 

To view my post on the outfit I wore in this post, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Thanks for visiting,
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. It's really beautiful!!If I want to buy a coloured wig it will be a colour like this.


  2. Hi Lizzy! (sorry this turned out to be more of msg than just a comment….)
    thanxs heaps for sharing about yr awesome hair, until I read your blog I had no idea that there were so many options for buying awesome looks like this. I am coloured, but born & breed in the Sth hemisphere, and of creole heritage, and my natural hair is like relaxed hair, without actually having to relax it, if that makes sense….
    ...anyway I've had major issues with my hair lately which was getting me down, BUT thanxs to yr post I checked out what else was available in the freetress equal range and was able to find some on amazon, that would actually deliver to northern europe! ~ which is where i am @ the mo...
    So I'm really looking forward to having a cute look again, in two weeks, although I'm also a little nervous as to how it will look on me, as I've never worn anything but my own hair before and as there are virtually no coloured people in this part of the world, I really hope it doesn't look weird on me.
    God Bless you, it's amazing how He can use someone from across the globe to help out someone like me here…..a long way from my own home & peeps, and I'm inspired and humbled by yr blog, to see that although my life is challenging @ the mo, I can overcome by God's grace. *Cheers ~ : ) xxo

  3. The first tool you reach for each day is probably a hair dryer. After all, you have to dry your hair before you can style it.

  4. The first tool you reach for each day is probably a hair dryer. After all, you have to dry your hair before you can style it. . .. .

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  6. Wow, you look good with this wig, it makes you look pretty, you feel happy, I'm glad to see that.

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