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My Feelings about Life on a Wheelchair - Video

Hello world. 

Today I have a video sharing my feelings about living life on a wheelchair. 

Please watch the video below, and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on your notifications for future posts. 

Thanks for visiting,
Till later, God bless.


  1. Thank you for sharing. I've been following you since I found your Instagram account some years back. You're truly an inspiration. I show your pictures and have shown your story to my daughter who (11 y/o now) also has a spinal cord injury. She was involved in a car accident on May 6, 2008. This journey hasn't been easy but with the help and strength of God, we've come this far. Again, thanks for sharing and God bless.

    1. Hello and thank you for your support for this long. I truly appreciate it.
      My regards to your daughter. For her to have a parent such as you - who cares so much and believes in God - I certainly trust that she will grow up to be the best that she can be. She is wonderfully made by God, and I hope she continues to believe that. Kisses and hugs to you both.

  2. You have been a source of inspiration to me since I first saw your post. I've been following you since then on fb, Instagram and now YouTube. Keep up the faith Lizzy, His strength is made perfect in our weakness. God bless you.

    1. Oh Jessy, thanks a bunch! I am very glad to have you on board this journey. God Bless you too and hope to keep seeing you around. :)

  3. First time saw your post on Instagram I asked my self what is this beautiful lady doing in a wheelchair?I tried to read some of your post but I didn't get anything as to why your on wheelchair,but with today video I understood what real happen to you,what I can say your inspiration and courageous woman congratulations may Good Lord continue to heal you and give you strength always take care thankx for sharing

  4. Fab video, thank you for sharing it. As another wheelchair user, can I ask a nosey question... what your transfer board is made of/what brand please? Looks less big and heavy/clumsy than mine and I'm wondering if there was something smaller that I could use especially when out and about or away for the weekend. Thanks! :)

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