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#WheelchairFashion: Slaying On and Off the wheelchair

Howdy peoples!

It's a world full of slay queens and kings and while I'm not one to value outward appearance over inner beauty, I certainly think looking your best is a strong factor in FEELING your best. 

Expressing my style as a wheelchair user can be quite tricky but as I shared in my most recent video - My feelings about life on a wheelchair - I certainly enjoy expressing my style and never let anything hold me back. Watch the video if you haven't already, I also show how I transfer off the wheelchair in that video.

While I have managed to perfect the art of taking pictures ON the wheelchair, I love it even more when I transfer OFF the wheelchair for some extra poses. 

I somehow manage to still have the wheelchair in some of my pictures though, because it's certainly nothing to be ashamed of - I just enjoy variety in life.

Do not be fooled by my posture, it only lasted a few seconds and I mustered all of my strength to use my trunk muscle for this shot. LOL. 

I get a lot of messages from other wheelchair users asking me how I slay, and honestly, while it may not be the most inspirational response, the truth is, I JUST DO. I find outfits that work for my body type and try my best to get things that I can easily wear without getting pressure sores. 

Another common question I get from ladies on wheelchair is: How do you wear high heels?

My response to that is, if I want to wear heels for a long period of time, I generally go for wedged heels. They have more balance to them and I can prop my feet nicely on the wheelchair foot plate.

I also buy shoes that have lots of "spacing" in them because the spaces mean that there isn't much pressure from the shoe on my feet. And I usually also buy shoes with laces so that I can easily adjust the fit as my leg swells up (this is very common for wheelchair users).

The ultimate truth however is that, I DON'T WEAR MY SHOES FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME. lol... Yes, just like ladies not on a wheelchair, I too can only handle heels for a short period of time before I take them off and either go bare feet, or change into flats. 

I Hope you have enjoyed my answers to some of the most common questions I get about styling and looking fashionable on a wheelchair. 
Remember, style should reflect your personality and what works for someone else's body type might not work for you. Do you, be you, and stay true to yourself. 

Thanks for visiting.
Till Later
God Bless. 


  1. You are such an inspiration Lizzy. I learn something new every time I read your write ups or just look at your pictures. God bless you.

    1. Thank you so very much Laura. Really appreciate your kind words.

  2. Your simply amazing!!�� And so inspiring. . Your beauty on the inside and outside just overshadows the chair.

  3. Hi Diylady,
    I salute your courage and strength,it waaooh me.

    Please DONT get offended with my question. It only get me know you better.

    Are you in anyway comfortable on the wheelchair after you over came the accident?

    Do you believe in miracles and that you gonna get up on your feet abandoning the wheelchair?

    Thank you

  4. You look so pretty in that cute little dress! Your bag is so adorable and those shoes are gorgeous! And you guys totally need to add This Is Us to your list if you haven’t already! Techlazy.com Howmate.com Crazyask.com

  5. Your inner and outer beauty just obscures the chair. You are so strong to me.

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