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Freebie Alert: More Copious.com Bonus

Hello Dearies.

I am making a quick post to inform you that you can get an additional $10 to spend on your copious account right now if you already have an account.

If you have a Copious account, Check your email that you registered with, You should have $10 credit in it from Copious.

Or you can CLICK THIS LINK to get the $10 added to your account.

I posted this on facebook and a lot of people have confirmed that it works. 

If you don't already have a Copious.com account, CLICK HERE to register now and you should get $10 in your account. 
After you've registered, you can CLICK HERE to get an additional $10, making it $20 that you can spend on Copious.

There are currently so many nil polishes available for purchase on copious. I just picked up a Layla Holographic polish! Happy!!! Not interested in Polishes? There are other thing you can buy on there. It's like ebay... So many Varieties.

Enjoy your credits. :-)

The Money you get will work towards shipping, so yes, this can be a complete freebie. 
To read my Original post on Copious, Please Click Here.

That's it for now. Till Later, God Bless. 


  1. This is great!! Thanks so much!! and happy birthday!! I think.. cause it was a birthday link lol

  2. thanks... now the problem is they dont ship to colombia =/

  3. Thanks! I had trouble with 'too few connections' and it was because it was linking to my Twitter account, which I pretty much don't use. Once I got linked up to Facebook, it was no trouble!

  4. Thank you! And thanks Diana I was having the same problem! Though to get the extra $10 it says I've earned this offer as many times as allowed :(

    1. Try it again, I got that too, but I started over and it worked.

  5. Thanks again, that was a great deal.!.!.!

  6. You're all welcome. I see a Lot of people snagged this one..

    YES Y'all, I see the number of people that viewed this.. lol even if you don't comment. You're all WELCOME!!! :-D

  7. i finally signed up for copious :D do you think it would be a good way to host a blog sale? i'm not sure what their policy is on polishes though :x

    1. It will be a definitely good way to host a blog sale. I see lots of polishes being sold on there. And since a lot of people are getting the credits, chances of them buying your polishes will be higher. Ya know?


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