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Swatches and Review: Two Birds Indie Nail Polishes

Sup Beauties!!!

The Indie Craze Continues!!!! :-D

Sometime last month, I made a status on my facebook page about how I was discouraged that most of the Indie Polishes I want are always "out of stock". Then a fan on our page stated that she's an Indie maker and she had some polishes for sale. I was like, "Oh, for realssss? Send me a link for pictures of your polishes". I got the link, One thing led to another, and I purchased Seven of Her Polishes. Ohh Miii Gahh!!

Here are the Seven Polishes.
Paint the Roses Red, Cupcake Stand, Haven't the Foggiest, Sand and magaritas, Fit for a prince, Princess tears, Denim Starfish
Please Click "Read More" below to see swatches and read my review. :-)

Before we get to swatches, I'd like to clear something before anyone talks about my spending habit *coughs*... (In case family and friends are reading... lol), This purchase was made with money from Polishes I owned, never used, and sold back.

Here's a tip for you all out there: Want new goodies but don't have money to spare? Go through your stash and declare a sale. If your products are brand new, Sell them on ebay, Copious, Your blog, Facebook, In a Group, or wherever you can declare a sale!
I personally prefer Copious though. The Buyer can pay the Copious fee and you don't have to deal with eBay and paypal charges. :-)
Plus chances of people buying are higher because they might be using their Copious Credits.

Ok, let's get back on track y'all.. sorry for my mini lecture!!!

After I got my polishes, I showed y'all bottle pictures on Facebook, but I had scheduled post that needed to take precedence before this one, so I couldn't show swatches immediately. But now? Now the hour has come.

First up is Paint The Roses Red. 
Red and White Glitter. So much glitter in this one.  I love the white glitters especially. It was my first choice while I chose the ones I wanted from Sara's collections.

 Pretty Polish but I did feel that it could have used a bit more base though. I had to use the "dab" method to get it on my nails. And Lots of topcoat was necessary to even it out.

Cupcake Stand. 
Yes, This looks like blended cupcake. As I was swatching, I kept thinking, this looks like something I've seen before, then it clicked! It kinda looks like my franken - A Cupcake Yule love!. Ha..

So if you're one of the people that loved my franken back then, here's your chance to have something like it. :-)
Application was lovely on this one.

Next up is, Haven't the Foggiest.
This also looks like something edible.

Application was easy and this got opaque in 3 thin coats.

Sand and Magaritas
I'd like to know why this is called Sand and magaritas. Lol.. It looks like Mint to me. Like some blended mint and milky base. Lol...

Fit For a Prince. 
Silver Glitters and black microglitters in a sky blue base.

Next up is Princess Tower. 
This is the Pinkish/Lavender version of Fit for a Prince above.

And Last but not the least, Denim Starfish.
Love this shade of blue. Glitter has taken over the polish world when it comes to Indies. So I'm pleased with this.

This one got opaque in Two coats, but I couldn't get even One of the square glitters to come out. :-(
Formula is also a bit on the thick side.
I really wish the square glitters came out to play.

Overall Thoughts?

You'll agree with me when I say each of these polishes look beautiful on the nail.
A couple of them look edible, but please do not eat. LOL.

As it is with a lot of my Indies, the glitters in most of these tend to settle at the bottom of the bottle. I had to leave some of the bottles upside down for some hours before I used them.
The only polishes that didn't require vigorous shaking were Cupcake stand, Haven't the Foggiest, and Sand and magaritas.

I also had issues with the smell on these polishes. I don't think I have a sensitive nose, so I was really wondering why the smell bothered me. I contacted Sara about this and She assured me that her polishes are 3 free. 

If you have a very sensitive nose, you might wanna start by buying one to see if the smell bothers you.
I promise honest reviews on here, so I had to say this.

Which of these are my favorites?
Truthfully, I Love just about each one of them. But I'll have to pick Cupcake stand, Paint The Roses Red and Princess Tower. 

If you're interested in Two Birds Polishes, Please CLICK HERE to Check out their Etsy Store.
Sara Stated they'll be restocking soon, so be on the lookout.

That's it for now sugars.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. Awesome! I remember that comment thread that ended in you buying these so I'm glad to see swatches! I want to pick up Haven't the Foggiest and Denim Starfish when they get restocked :)

  2. Amazing polishes. All these looked very very pretty! I especially like Fit For a Prince and Haven't the Foggiest.

  3. These are all beautiful. I think my favourite is fit for a prince!

  4. I love glitter. All of them look beautiful on your nails.

  5. I love sand and margaritas! Great swatches!

  6. What a wonderful collection of polishes, particularly like Fit For a Price. Thanks for sharing x

  7. Thanks Sugars. I Hope she stocks up in her store soon. :-)

  8. cupcake stand and fit for a prince are both soooo pretty! lol why did i lick my lips...lol iw ant a cupcake now with some purple and blue icing lol


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