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I'm Back... and I Connected the Dots...

Sup Sugars!!!

As you must have noticed by now, I was MIA last week. I announced that I'd be gone in this post, but now, I'm BACK!!! I have a lot of talking to do, so buckle up and don't complain. Lol... ;-)

It appears A LOT Happened While I was away, but I spent a good amount of time Connecting the Dots and I think I'm all caught up on News/events that happened in the Polish World.

Speaking of Connecting the dots, I have a story from my trip for you guys!
I already shared this on my facebook page, but ehh, In case you missed it, I'll share again. :-D

I'm sure as a Polishaholic, the words Connect the Dots, have a Different meaning to us. Lol...

So here's my story. 
My CtD from Llarowe's last sale came in. This was the only polish I got during the sale, as it was a BIG lemming of mine.

After all the drama from the "artist", a lady who shall remain nameless, I was seriously contemplating swapping/ gifting/ giveaway, or even selling it on eBay. 

Since I picked up mail as I was traveling last week, the Polish went on my trip with me.
While in the hotel room with my friends, I opened the bubble wrap that kept the polish safe, and everyone of my friends went "Ooooohhhh ..... ahhhh, Lizzy, What is THIS"???

I am always so happy when my friends ask me about polishes! SO I switched on my "Polishaholic mode", and went into details on what the polish IS. Told them the drama behind the polish, and showed them how much ONE was sold on eBay! Lol...

Everyone was like "Say It Ain't SO?!!!" And I giggled and said "It's so My loves, IT IS SO". Lol. 

After moments of staring at the bottle, and watching the glitter float in it, we made the mistake of opening it.
We made another mistake when one coat was put on a pink base. And then, at that moment, everyone bowed down to the polish. They called it all sorts of wonderful names, and it was basically OVER!
The stupid polish WON over everyone's heart.

Everybody in the room basically wanted it on their nails. And YES, that included me. :-/

I promise you honesty sugars, so I must say, I really like the polish, and I wish I didn't. Lol
I hate to support a business that has so much negativity and wahhh wahh wahh going on around it.
This of course now brings me to say, until The woman who shall remain nameless changes her ways, this will be my one and only polish from her. Pride is bad, and being unapologetic is a BIG turn off. It's true what the Bible said: "Pride comes before a fall".

I hate to bring her up again when it seems like all that surrounds this issue is dying down. But You must know, I was away while the sheeznit went down and I'm just now saying my piece.

In Other news, I Hope y'all are doing mighty fine? You must know, I MISSED YOU!!! :-)
I Truly missed you all, and had you on my mind. 

My trip was WONDERFUL and I really enjoyed the church event I went for. 

For My Trip, I packed some polishes with me, and thought I should share since that's a question I see people ask often. The question, "Which polishes do you take on a trip when you're going"? 

My trip was a 4 day trip, and here are the things I took with me. 
Kleancolor Calcium, as basecoat
Color Club Topcoat (The one from ross set. Magic fast dry)
Zoya Mini Pinterest Trio (Zuza, Kimber and Myrta)
Sinful Colors - Ocean
365 Days of Polish - Explosion (Major glitter bomb)
China Glaze - Fairy Dust (Holographic Goodness)
Finger Paints - Twisted (I talked myself into taking this flakie)
Wet n Wild - Black Creme
Kleancolor - White
Lynnderella - CtD (Not intentionally, but as I stated earlier, I picked up mail as I was leaving and it ended up being with me).

Then I threw a dotting tool, a brush, my polish remover, cotton balls, nail file, nail cutter, cuticle cutter, scissors, and duct tape in my bag. Lol..

Before I left, I did this mani.
It was done with Zoya - Lara  as my base color. The dots was done with Kleancolor - White and Lara using a dotting tool. And I applied China Glaze - Fairy Dust for extra shine. 

On the Second day of my trip, I added CtD to my mani.

I think the Fairy Dust and nail art I had on my base altered CtD a little bit, so I'll have to swatch it on just a colored base soon.

As I said earlier, the polish is pretty and I really like it, but it's definitely not worth all the drama surrounding it. 
It also appears I have a lot of shimmers and little dots in mine. Compared to pictures I've seen. That doesn't make it any less pretty though. 
Lynnderella - Connect the Dots 

I had some down time on day three, so I peeled off my CtD mani, cleaned my nails and did another one. Lol... *Smh @ You Lizzy* Lol...

I Used duct tape to a create french tip line and used Zoya - Zuza for the french tip. 
I then added Finger paints - Twisted, and China Glaze - Fairy dust as a top coat for extra shine. Sealed it all with Color Club Topcoat. 

This next picture shows the true color of Zuza and the flakies more... :-)

I Loved seeing my friends "Ooooohhhh, Ahhhhhhhh.... WOW" At My nails during this trip!!! They used my polishes, wondered why they needed a base coat, were amazed at how FAST the topcoat dried their nails, and they were so intrigued by how the duct tape created a perfect french tip line! Lol... The flakies shifting in different lights mesmerized them. Holographic topcoat in the sun was a beauty to behold. Lol..

Most of All, Connect the Dots was a winner with almost everyone that saw my nails. I got comments galore!! Someone thought I splattered the dots on, someone thought it was nail art, and I got so many "you're talented" remarks, even though I stated many times that I didn't do anything but "paint it on like regular polish". Lol...I truly enjoyed sharing my polish-side with my friends and some new friends during this trip. 
They loved it all, and YES, they still called me Crazy, Obsessed, and Addicted. All of which I couldn't deny and proudly embraced. LOL...

Oh and surely I didn't use all the polishes I took with me, but I loved having options. :-D 
And the rest of the polishes were useful for my friends. 

**Pictures weren't taken with the camera I usually use for my blog cos I took my small camera with me on the trip since I still can't find the battery charger of my good camera.

Anyhoo, I think that's it for now my loves... 
Now that you're all caught up on my life (sorta), I need to go check out y'alls blogs and get caught up on your lives. Lol... 

I'd love to read whatever comments you have concerning any/everything I've said in this post. 
How many Polishes do you take with you on trips? Do You own any polishes by the woman who shall remain nameless? 

Till later Sweeties
God Bless. 


  1. I managed to snag some of the 'lady who shall remain nameless' polishes while they popped up on Llarowe and during a wishlist rotation. I hate to say it also but I do like the ones I have but like you said, I probably won't buy from her again. I think a lot of people are torn. They like what is in the bottle...but not exactly where it came from:(

  2. welcome back! We have missed you...I tried some french tips with Zuza but I was out of tape so it was a disaster!

  3. We missed you, too!! Both manis look fab. Zuza makes such a pretty funky french! As for she who will not be named, I got my wishlist right before another bout of drama went down and I deleted it once I became privy. After this most recent nonsense, I won't be buying any from her unless she seriously mends and amends her ways. So much wrong with this last round. Anyhoo, CTD still looks very cool, and always will. ;)

    1. You are so right. Just because she makes gorgeous polishes give her no right to act however she chooses. I hope she amends her ways soon.

      And Yes, CtD looks awesome.
      I'm glad to be back here. :-)

  4. Welcome back!!! How did you manage to use duct tape and not tear off your base coat??

    I love that you call her the women who shall remain nameless and yet everyone know's who you're referring to!

    Love it! I totally agree with you on the matter tho!

  5. welcome back! you were missed! I like the french tip mani :)

  6. Beautiful! Glad you had a good trip!

  7. The pink mani you did before leaving looks very cute and the layering with Connect the Dots looks just prefect!

  8. ooooooh pretties! I am now glad I suppose that I didn't get the chance to get sucked into the world of the "artist" though, it would've been cool if she would've just uhhh not acted like a hormonal tween about getting "famous"

    anyway! I'm glad you had a great trip, and got the time to do some pretty manicuring=] Also glad you're back now, I've definitely noticed a void in my must reads!

  9. adorei as unhas!!!!!!!!!!
    seu blog é uma grça!

  10. I do have quite a few of them, and it is tough...I LOVE them so much! But she has turned me off. I think, for now, if I buy any it will be from someone else or in a swap. Fortunately, I am not in love with much of the new collection.

    Your trip nails look great! It depends on the trip length for me, I change my polish daily at home. Recently I wore polish strips/apps/etc and those held up well for a long weekend trip. I sure was sick of them though, lol!

    Why do so many not use basecoat?!?!? My friends always ask the same thing. I love them :)


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