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My Indie Polish Collection Thus Far

Hello Sugars!!!!

How ya doing!?! It's Wednesday, and As I stated in my last post, I LOVE my mani sooo much that I don't have the power to take it down yet. Lol..
So What happens when a blogger doesn't have something new to show her readers? She shows her HAULS/Collection!!! :-D

As most of you might know by now, the Month of May was my Indie Polish Buying Month!!!

I started with 4 Indies: and Now I have over 40. :-D

Now, Since this is going to be a picture spammy post... Please click "Read More" to feast on all the pictures. :-D

Let's begin with the polishes packaged oh so nicely above. They are Girly Bits.
Girly Bits: Purple Potion, Hippity Hop (X2), Vive La Revolution, Promise Me, Mother May I. 

Yep, I got two Hippity Hop to qualify for free shipping. :-D
Girly Bits: Purple Potion, Hippity Hop (X2), Vive La Revolution, Promise Me, Mother May I.  

Next Is 365 Days of Color.
365 days of Color: Summer Dream, Explosion, Mint Chip, Darya, Make me Laughy Taffy, Funfetti

Click Here for Swatches of Summer Dream
Click Here for Swatches of Explosion and Mint Chip
365 days of Color: Summer Dream, Explosion, Mint Chip, Darya, Make me Laughy Taffy, Funfetti

Next is All That Glitters
All That Glitters: Hole Hearted, Frantic Romantic, Purple Haze

Click Here to see my swatch of Hole Hearted.
All That Glitters: Hole Hearted, Frantic Romantic, Purple Haze

Next we have my first and Only Enchanted Polish. Bought on Llarowe.
I Obviously bought this one because of the name. Lol...
Enchanted Polish: Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

Next we have Spooky Bones Polishes. 
Sent for review. Look at for the review of these ones.
Spooky Bones: Kroovy, Night sky

Next are polishes you've seen on the blog before.

Starry Earth Polishes.
Click Here to read my review and see swatches of all of these.
Starry Earth: 1937, Witty Wisdom, Pink! Blue! Pink! Blue!, Clock Strikes Twelve

I showed detailed bottle pictures of these next two pictures on HERE
Two Birds Polishes
Paint the Roses Red, Cupcake Stand, Haven't the Foggiest, Sand and magaritas, Fit for a prince, Princess tears, Denim Starfish

Next are the AWESOME Polishes my Friend Nat over at No Holo Blog Sent me.
Left to right: Lizzy Fizzy Pink, Floam, The Jean Genie, 20% Cooler, Cassandra's Peacock, Puttin on the Ritzzz, Jawbreaker and Color Club - Take me to your chateau!

Creators: Left to right, Nat Matthews Franken, I'm Feeling Nail-venturous, All That Glitters, Rainbow Honey,Lacquistry Nail Polish, Dollish Polish, And Pretty & Polished

And My Four previous Indies.

A England.

Well, That's it my darlings. I've got a couple more in the mail.. :-X

I know some of you have double of what I have... So DO NOT judge me for getting all these in a month... hahaha...
I can't wait to wear all of these and enjoy them. :-D

In case you counted, Please do not tell me how many they are, because I intend to own MOREEEEE!!!! LOL...
If I know the count, I might be tempted not to own any more.

P.S: Dang I just counted! Lol... Ah well, Good thing Indie month is over, June is HOLO MONTH!! :-)

Okie Doks Y'all...
I'm waiting to hear what you have to say, so don't look and run... Call me crazy, I can handle it. LOL...

Till Later, God Bless.


  1. Whoa, that's a lot of beautiful polish! I can't wait to see it on your nails :)

  2. haha! Fabulous post! I'm jealous of all your pretties :D

  3. Wow, there are so amazing looks shades in there! That's what I love about indie polishes, they can be so unique!
    Thanks for sharing your amazing haul!

  4. Indies are the best. You got some nice ones.

  5. OMG I love them all! I'm very jealous...thanks for sharing your haul :)

  6. very impressive! I just placed my first indie polish purchase (almost 3 weeks ago) and I'm dying for them to get here! Its only 3 polishes though... for now :)

  7. Awesome collection!! And June is Holo month? Dude, I'm so all over that! I've been looking for a good excuse to get another Layla.

  8. whoaa you have so many fun indies! *is jealouss*
    i only have a couple from pretty and polished right now, but i hope i can get a few lynnderellas one of these days (:

  9. Love this! I've recently been on an indie buying frenzy, but I have no idea how many I have right now or how many are on the way, lol.

  10. I have yet to own one indie, but these are pretty. Love holos, so excited for your next collection to come through!

  11. Amazing collection!!!! :D

  12. Whoa! I just got my first indie polish in the mail which was a gift from a friend. I bet you are over there in polish heaven with all of those beauties, haha!

  13. omg, no..i just remembered, this is my 2nd. my first was sent to me for a review by the lovely Jody of SoFlaJo.. *facepalm* i feel terrible for forgetting that..

  14. You have too many, you should send me some... XD Just kidding!

  15. Holy moly! What a great stash of indies! I only have 5. lol


    Many more Polishes to ALL OF Our Collections. hehehehe.... :-D

  17. So cute! I have no indies. Is the extra hippity hop up for swap/sale? I really need to get some. Must wait to have money again...

    1. It was up for sale in my blog sale page but it's now gone. :-(


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