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Review: Cheeky Nail Art Brushes & Flower Stamping (CH44)

Hello Party People!!!

Today is a colorful Kind of Day!

Yesterday, When I saw that Cheeky Previewed CH44 on their facebook page, NO ONE was as excited as I was.
This plate is one I'd been planning a mani for, and I'm glad they chose to review it now that I have some free times on my hands to execute the mani I had planned.

I have now added CH44 to the list of plates in the Original Post I made for the new Cheeky Plates.

I Kinda Promised y'all I'd do a mani with at least one Image from any plate they preview, so Here's My mani created with an Image from CH44

 I'll be the first to admit that this Nail Art is not Original. :-D
A while Back, Sammy Over the Nailasarus did This Mani and I loved it. Somehow I never got around to recreating it. Now though, NOW I am glad I finally recreated some like it :-)
P.S: Sam actually recreated LTHP's Mani found Here. Lol...
And Now, I'm also recreating it, except with a different plate/stamping design.

Just about every Image on CH44 Can be used to do a mani like this. Does this Scream SUMMER or WHAT!!?!

What I used For this Mani?
Plate: CH44 (Available for purchase soon). Click Here to read my review of The New Cheeky Plates.
Colors: Zoya Phoebe, Zoya Lola, Kleancolor -Melon Green.
Stamping Polish: Zoya Purity
Pink Rhinestones for the center of the flower.
Dots are done with: Cheeky's Nail Art Dotting Tool
Leaves on the flower: Drawn with a small brush In Cheeky's Nail Art Brush Set.

Speaking of Cheeky Nail Art Brushes, I am going to shamelessly Insert that review in this post. :-D
I don't know how else I would have drawn the green inside of the flower without the smallest brushes.
Here's what the brush I used looks like.

 Here are the brushes that comes in the Nail Art Brush Set

 There are 15 brushes in the set. (One is missing from my picture in case you take time to count.. Lol)

Each of these brushes can be used for different things. So far, I've only used the one shown above. I love that the brushes have long handles. You can hold them at whatever angle you desire. The brushes aren't too soft or too hard. And I believed that made it easy to paint/draw with.
I'm very satisfied with it as you can see. It helped me create a wonderful mani. :-D

Speaking of my mani, Please scroll back up and Look at it again!! Hahahahaha.. Ohh Mii Gahhh... This one is staying on my hand for a while. Lol...

If You're Interested:
Click Here to Buy The Brushes

To stay updated on when the plates will be available for purchase:
CLICK HERE to go to Cheeky's Amazon Store.
Click Here to "Like" Cheeky on Facebook.
Click Here to Check out Cheeky's website.

That's it for now my darlings. Share your thoughts with me :-)
Till later, God Bless.

**The plate and brushes were sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**


  1. Absolutely LOVE this mani! Amazing job Lizzy!

  2. pretty =) makes me wanna go to the beach

  3. Super cute~ I suck at stamping...

    1. Practice makes perfect my dear. :-) Keep trying.. I'm not perfect yet, but I know I got better over time.

  4. Very pretty mani! Love the colors.

  5. Pretty mani! Very summery.

  6. That mani is seriously stunning! What a great job using the brushes, love it :)

  7. can't wait for these plates!!

  8. I love your manicure! It's so pretty xoxo

  9. Oooh, very pretty! I love the color combos you picked out.

  10. So pretty, I wish my stamping would turn out this good...I always smear it lol. You did a great job!

  11. i love how this turned out! i think your finishing touches were excellent, all the colors really stand out!

  12. omg!!! I am in love with this mani, I mean I want these plates and brushes, but mostly I just want those nails lol fantastic stamping and nail art-ing=]

  13. girlll ure so skilled with this!! i LOVE this mani so much its so beautiful!! i cant imagine how much u stare at ur nails lolll :p

  14. Wow! That's awesome, I'm not able to do this! But I don't have all that stuff anyway so... xD

  15. This is UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME! I love it sooooo much!

  16. I know this is coming slightly late, but thanks everyone. Y'all are too kind. :-D


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