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Picture Spam: Nfu Oh - GS14

Hello Sugars.
Happy Saturday!!!

This post was supposed to be posted on Monday but after swatching this polish on my nails for my weekend mani, I JUST couldn't wait to post it on the blog.
Have you guys ever experienced that awesome moment when a nail polish makes you glad you're a polishaholic??
That moment where you actually ask yourself: What in the world was I doing before I became a polishaholic? Why did I think just a plain black nail polish was FINE? Why did I not know what HOLO was?

Welllpp, I had that moment when I put this polish on my nails. I have to say a big Thank You to the lovely lady in my Birthday Group who got me this polish. THANKS sugar!!!

Bottle Shots anyone?

Yeah, I know what you're thinking.. The same thing I thought when I saw the polish! What the Heck is in there?!?! A bunch of lights??

Yes, Yes I think it's a bunch of lights. Lol... Lookie here...

This is now my favorite black polish. :-D
Never again will I settle for just a regular black nail polish.

WOW. This polish knocked me out and then SOME!!!
Even when the polish is under regular light, you can still see the beauty in it.

For a good one minute after I painted all of my nails. I just stared at my nails in awe. I moved my hands around all the different lights in my room.. from the brightest to the dimmest. Just to see if the polish would retain it's awesomeness. And BOY... Did it retain it or what??!!

I could type and type all the things I said to myself as I was taking pictures of this polish. All the things I planned to say in this post but suddenly don't feel the need to say because I think the pictures do a good job of showing you all the things I thought I needed words to say.

I've seen holos and I've been in awe of them many times before, but this polish has something that I can't explain.... In the dark, I still see flickers of silver shimmer! I've gotta ask NFU Oh what the heck they mixed in the polish... because it's AMAZING!!!

P.S: This picture below is for my Instagram.. Lol.. there's a hashtag going on as #unnecessarilyAwkwardHandPose. (Follow @theDIYLady)

I'm just so glad this polish wasn't sent for review, because if it was, someone might think I'm trying to "sell the product", which is never the case because my opinions are always 100%... sent for review or not.

Oh and LOL.. I Just LOVE the NFU Oh Bottles! :-D

Anyhoos, That's it for now darlings. I took so many pictures and I couldn't even decide which one were worthy of being on the blog. Hopefully the ones I chose show you exactly how gorgeous this polish is.

Nfu Oh GS14, I Love Thee!!! :-)

Collage Anyone?

Till Later, God Bless.


  1. I love this too! One of my few black polishes I actually can wear on its own. Another one to check out s butter London black night. Very similar, and unless you are a polishaholic you might think you do not need both. But they are different enough......

    1. Oh Darn, I forgot to mention that in the post. Did you know this baby was indeed opaque in one coat. I did two for good measure, but if I didn't care, One coat would have been fine.
      That's just amazing to me.

      I "had" Black Knight and I didn't like it as much as this one. They are different, but I was head over heels in love with Black Knight so I got rid of it. :-)

  2. WTH? Seriously awesome!

    1. Hahahaha.. Love the WTH reaction. Lol
      I know right? How does one polish have the guts to be so awesome.

      As an "holohoarder", I'm sure you now have this on your wishlist. Lol

  3. This is gorgeous!!!! May need to add this to my wish list :D

  4. How have I never noticed this polish? Wonder how it compares with ChG Cosmic?

    1. Oh I don't know.... I don't own the ChG one. :-(

  5. It's absolutely gorgeous. I fell in love with it when it hit my collection too :)
    I love this post, the text made me chuckle! :D

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post. Mission accomplished. :-D

  6. thats a stunner!!! your opening to this blog post was awesome!

  7. Wow this looks pants on their site thanks for the pics this is one I neeeeeeeeed :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  8. Replies
    1. Hahahaha.. Love the 'Holy cow'. Lol... It is gorgeous!

  9. Unfffffffffffffff! Gorgeous! That's all I have to say I mean...just gorgeous. <3

  10. omg its sooo beautiful like eye-catching like elegant!! i love it! i can totally see u rocking this with an elegant black gown for a night out hehe :D


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