Swatches and Review: Above the Curve - Grapevine

By Lizzy O. - September 18, 2012

Hello sweets.

I still have my weekend mani on and can't bring myself to clean it off yet. Interestingly, only one finger has a chip on it, the others only show minimal tip wear. WOW. I think I need to find another bottle of that beauty for future uses.

Anyhoo... I was looking through my "Nail Pictures folder" and I found a bunch of manis I hadn't posted on the blog yet.
Amongst them is this pretty polish I bought a while ago from Above the Curve, called Grapevine.

Considering I thought this polish was yummy looking when I wore it, I'm amazed I haven't blogged about it. Without further ado, heeeerrrrreeeee we goooooooooo!!!

 As you can see, it's one of the amazing Two in one polishes I love! Glitter and color base in one!
I Love how some Indie makers make glitters that can be layered over any polish, but when I find Indies that get opaque in two coats and combine both colored base and glitters in One, I GET EXCITED!

I Liked this polish for what it was not just because it has purple in it. There's shimmer, glitter, and again, the opacity was a lovely surprise! This is only two coats with no underwear. And a topcoat. 

I love that  it's opaque enough not to show a Visible nail line, But yet sheer enough that you can see the glitters in the first layer THROUGH the second layer.
Looks like a yummy almost melting icecream that has a bunch of.... Ok, let me stop... I'm getting hungry now. Lol...

Anyhoo, I am glad I bought this and I have two more polishes by Above the Curve that I hope to show you at a later date.
For now, Check out Above the Curve on Etsy and On Facebook.

HINT: She'll be having a giveaway once her facebook page gets to 300 Likes! :-D

That's it for now darlings, Till later, God Bless.

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