Where are the HAUL/NAIL MAIL POSTS?!?!?!?

By Lizzy O. - September 21, 2012

Hello Sugars!!!

How yaaa doinggggg!!!!!??

So in case you, like some people are wondering where My HAULS are.... since I haven't had a HAUL post on the blog in a while, I would like to tell you that, I don't have HAUL posts anymore on the blog because I stopped Buying polishes and nail related goodies....

Hahahahahahahahahah..... PSYCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just KIDDING!!  LOL

Hahahahahaha, No No No No... I just started posting them On facebook because over there I can just post things on an "AS I GET THEM" basis. Ya dig?

Waiting to compile a post became too much work especially since I don't like having too many haul posts...

Anyhoo, In case you're like me and so many others out there, and YOU LOVE seeing Haul posts, nail mails and every other form of goodies people buy, PLEASE stop by my Facebook Page and LIVE Vicariously through me. LOL... Not that I have Epic Hauls or anything. ;-)

And since this post obviously needs a picture, Here's a NAIL MAIL I just received!!! :-D

Left to right: HITS: Hera, Apolo, Trendy, Air Glow, Cool.
Ludurana: algodoal PA, Boa Via Cem.
KOLT: Robotic Girl, Aurora Boreal.

I have dedicated an album on facebook called HAULS/NAIL MAILS. So Just click that link and head on over. :-D 
I also have another album of goodies I got in my Birthday Group called BIRTHDAY GROUP NAIL MAIL.

And that's it for this quick and blabbing post. :-)
Till Later, God bless.

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