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Review: Cheeky Summer 2012 Single Stamping Plates (Available for Purchase)

Hello Your Gorgeousness-es,

I shall be reviewing the New Cheeky Summer 2012 stamping plates that are now available for purchase on Cheeky's website.

I was sent the "testing version" of these plates and I reviewed them in THIS POST a while back.
In that review, I stated how much I loved the images on each plate and I also wrote back with some advice to cheeky on what could be done to improve the images.

Well after a long wait, Cheeky finally declared that the plates would be available for purchase and they even showed us images of what we should expect. I blogged about that in THIS POST.

Anyhoos, fast forwarding to now, the plates are LIVE and they are gorgeously packaged!
There are some minor changes in this set available for purchase.

The changes are POSITIVE and I LOVE that Cheeky took advice from bloggers and made sure to please the masses with the stamping plates.

Here's how mine came.
Cheeky sure knows how to make a girl feel special. :-D
Personalized letter and everything. *blushes*. "Our dear Lizzy" it says.. Lol..

If you would like to read the rest of this review, please click Read More  below.

NOTE: YOU can Click on all images to view Them LARGER. 

And here we go....
The cute little box the plates come in is a cute way to store your plates. This set also comes with a Nail Artist License that doubles as a scraper. I prefer to use cards since scrapers mess up my plates, so this is very well appreciated. The scraper also fits in the box so you should never lose it if you store it in the box.

As you can see I already removed the blue covering on the plates and wrote my name on the card. :-D

The blue covering on each plate was easy to remove. I actually used my nails (bad bad thing.. since nails shouldn't be used as tools.. but I do it anyway).

As I stated earlier, there are some changes in these new plates than in the ones that were sent for review earlier.

The new plates have a different backing than the trial plate. Change in color, which makes sense since the case and everything else is pink. Love the pink and fancy writing!

The new plates are bigger than the trial plates. Which is a good thing!
-- Trial Plates on top. New plates on the bottom. 

The fact that the plates are bigger gives more room in between designs and also increases the size of the designs by a tinsy bit.

Look at what I mean here...

  And here... More space in between designs means you won't mistakenly pick up an image you didn't want to use just because some of the polishes you scraped away from the design you want to use touched another design.

I'll have some nail art on nails to come in the nearest future. 

For this trial I Chose images from CH33

As you can see, the result is good.
Images were picked up and transferred well on to the paper.
In case you're very observant and you're wondering why the "french tip part" and some edges of the images wasn't picked up, it's because I used my Salon Express stamper and it obviously doesn't pick up all the images since the images are big for longer/wider nails.
If you have longer nails, you will benefit from getting a mega stamper so that it will pick up all the images from the plate and transfer them to your nails.

Next I have all the images in this set for you.
ALL Images are the same in the new set as they were in the Trial Set. There are some slight changes, but honestly, nothing drastic.
Here are all the images once again.
If you want to be investigative, you are free to compare and contrast these images with the ones from the Trial Set on THIS POST. Also, that post contains the comparison of the image sizes with  that of other stamping plates from different brands.

In case you haven't noticed, this set doesn't come with Lone french tip designs and that's because each full design can be used as a french tip because of the genius creation of Cheeky. You can create half moons, french tips and full manis with the full designs. 

Overall, I am impressed with these designs and the new Cheeky Plates.
I was fine with the Trial Set but honestly, I LOVE this new set because of the slightly wider space in between images.
And of course, I Love the storage box and the license card. Lol.. Makes this obsession with stamping look legit! LOL... Now I can pull out my card and tell people "I'm certified".


Okie doks sugars.. if you're interested in these plates, Check out Cheeky on their Website, Facebook, and Amazon pages.

This set is called the Summer 2012 Set. But Obviously these images can be used all year round.

That's it for now my loves.
I hope I didn't forget to mention anything.
Ask questions if you have any... and share with me if you already have this set or are going to buy it...

Till Later, God bless.

These were sent for review. Opinions are 100% mine. 


  1. I'm patiently waiting for my set to come in the mail. Yay big prints!

  2. I'm also waiting for my new set. Couldn't resist it :)

  3. love the big images! I'm still debating if I need the cheeky ones, tho they have some pretty unique designs


      *calms down*.. Oh yeah, I mean, yeah.. you need them. Lol...

  4. I haven't tried cheeky plates yet, but I think I need to!

  5. i need to try stamping plates its a whole new thing to me! o__O


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