Swatches and Review: Rainbow Polish - Busted Pinata

By Lizzy O. - 12:00 PM

Hello Sugars!

Happy Thursday to you all...
Today I've got a glitter bomb to show you all, and this polish is appropriately named Busted Pinata.  It's by Rainbow Polish.

Here's a Bottle Shot for you all...

And Here are swatches.

Busted Pinata is a mixture of hex and square glitters in blue, yellow, purple, coral, white, grey, orange, and... and... silver micro glitters.
I chose to layer one thick coat of this polish over 2 coats of Zoya - Eevie.

I was glad I didn't layer it over black as I initially thought, because they gray base really allowed the colors in Busted Pinata to shine..

Look at this close up picture...  It looks to me like a Pinata really busted on dry cement. LOL..

Rainbow Polish packaged this polish with some extra details that I must now mention.
Everything was so professional and I really liked that.
My polish came with a business card that included the Ingredients in the Polish. Awesome!

Overall thoughts about this polish.
Application: All I needed was one coat for this layering I did. The glitters came out on their own and I didn't have to "fish them out".
The smell isn't offensive, and I really like that the name really fits the polish. :-)

If you're interested in this polish, CLICK HERE to go directly to the link on Rainbow Polish's etsy shop.
Check out other Polishes by Rainbow Polish HERE.

That's it for now sugars.
Till Later, God bless.

This was sent for review. Opinions are 100% mine. 

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  1. Glitter bomb indeed! It's really pretty.

  2. Wow! It does look like the inside of a piñata! Haha. I love it!

  3. WOWWWW! Looks gorgeous & lovely on you sweetie!!
    Jealoousss xx

  4. Really pretty mix of colors - it is perfectly named too! I just got a polish from her too that I can't wait to try out!

  5. wow! its sooo pretty! i love the mix of everything in it!

  6. this looks gorgeous :D so glittery!


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