Weekend Mani - blogging from phone

By Lizzy O. - November 24, 2012

Hello darlings. . Happy Saturday. ..
Right now I'm writing from my phone as I make a road trip.  I wanted to see if I could write a blog post from my phone for days when I can't access my computer and it looks like that is indeed a possibility! !!! 

This is my weekend mani.  I took this picture with my phone as well. . 

For this mani I used Entity Nail Enamel - Pearl purple and layered kleancolor - Holo chrome overt it.  
Holo Chrome was the first polish I literally fell in love with.  

That's it for now darlings.
Till later,  God bless. 

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  1. So, how did that work for you? Your mani looks really nice. I want to blog from my phone,but it's an LG Rumor. Can I ask,Lizzy,what type of mobile phone you use? Happy Thanksgiving :-)

    1. I have the Samsung Galaxy note 2. Granted it's not like most phones because it's big but it's an android phone so I think any phone running Android too should be able to blog...

      I don't know if your lg rumor would do it but I think blogger has a way for mobile blogging. I used my phones browser and it looked exactly like what you see on your computer. . Just a bit smaller you know.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too dear.

  2. pretty!!! i wonder if i can blog from my s3. im so lazy tho lol!

  3. Very lovely!! :D I love blue and purple! :D

  4. Thanks for all your sweet comments <3 This mani is soo pretty. This looks great, can't believe you took it, and posted it using your phone. xx

  5. I hope you have a great road trip! x
    Holo chrome is such a beauty!!

  6. wow, the photo looks great! I wish my phone took pics like this. great combo!


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