Bellatrix: Glitz and Glam Lip Collection Review

By Lizzy O. - 4:00 AM

Hello loves. 
So, Yesterday - October 31 - was my blog's 2 years anniversary and I am really excited about it.
This hobby of mine has given me so much joy that I don't even know where to begin expressing myself.

I am blessed to have all of you readers come over here each day to read whatever I post, and to comment, and to just keep being your awesome self. 
This post is not my appreciation post, as that will be coming at a later date with a giveaway I'm still planning. BUT I had to mention how HAPPY I am to have been blogging for 2 years now. 

Today, I have a review of this Bellatrix Glitz and Glam Lip Collection in Pink Sugar. 
I saw this at walgreens and for the price and everything that came in it, I couldn't say NO. 
I mentioned it in my walgreens haul post, and now you guys get to see what the colors look like. 

Bellatrix Glitz and Glam Lip Collection

This collection came with a Lip tube lip gloss, a lip gloss with a brush applicator, lip crayon and a lip liner/pencil.

I must say, the lip liner was what fully sold me. A regular NYX lip liner cost $4.99, and this whole box is practically the price of one NYX lip pencil. 

I crossed my fingers and hoped the products would be worth it. 
And you guys, I have good news, THEY ARE AMAZING!

The tube gloss, I'm not completely crazy about, but it's nice. 
Everything else however is just beyond amazing! The lip crayon applies so well, and has a sort of matte/slightly satin finish. NOT dry, but not glossy or shiny. 
Swatches below are in the exact order of the above picture. 

The lip pencil is WONDERFUL! I used it as a full lip color and I got questions like what lip stick is that? It basically looks like a pink ruby woo when used alone.
This is a great deal guys, so if you have a walgreens next you and you love what you see, I suggest you run there.
They will make for sweet Christmas gift for teenagers starting out their makeup collection too. :-)
Heck even adults would love this! Just remember to take off the price sticker. haha..

Alright y'all, That's it for now... And on a last note, I must mention again...

Till Later Y'all. God Bless.

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  1. congratulations on your 2 years of blog anniversary. may you move to greater heights

  2. Congrats to you lady! I'm so happy I got to cross paths with you on your adventure <3

  3. Happy 2 years! Love all the pink ;)

  4. It's been a great couple of years for you. Congrats!

  5. Congrats dear and happy anniversary

  6. Does Bellatrix has an official homepage? Please reply to

  7. Does Bellatrix has an official homepage? Please reply to


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