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Big Hair, Don't Care: Review of Vivica.A.Fox Hair Collection AKRON-V.

Hello Loves...
It's a beautiful day over here as I'm basking in the ambiance of God's love. 

Today's blog post is being brought to you because of all the questions I've gotten about my new hairstyle which I shared on instagram. 
A lot of people seem to like my new hairstyle and they want all the details, so I said, WHY NOT? Who am I to keep a secret? lol... I'll share!
As a regular photo taker, I had pictures that sorta kinda helped make this post what it is.  

Alright, so this hair on my head!!! As I stated before, in the short of amount of time I've had it, I have gotten So many questions and it kinda surprised me honestly. 
I didn't plan on doing a review or any post about it because I thought it would just be one of those styles I do that nobody cares about. I had thrown the packaging of the hair in the trash and forgot all about it. 

But after posting it on my instagram page yesterday and also on my personal facebook, I realized I must have underestimated the beauty of the hair. LOL.. I went home and dug through the trash to get the packaging for correct hair info.... 

I had always wanted Diana Ross Style hair and never really got the hang of it whenever I attempted it, but this time, I was like.. I hope this turns out right. Big hair that would fit my face was WHAT I WANTED and I went on the search!

What do YOU think?
Is it a lace closure? Sew in weave? Wig? Or did my hair grow overnight and became VA-VA-VOOM?!?!

Well, No, my hair didn't grow overnight... What I have on my head is a....... WIG! 
Yes it's a lace front wig y'all. 
I needed something quick and easy a couple of days ago because my friend was coming to town and we wanted to paint the town some kinda color.... and so I went to the beauty store, looked at all the "fro, big hair weave" and settled on this one finally! 

It's by Vivica.A.Fox Hair Collection, and this is Called AKRON-V.

The curls were sort of tight from the bag, but I finger combed through it (with my fingers only, no comb). 
Below is the paper in it. 

I chose color 1 because every other color just didn't look Diana Ross-Y to me. 

As you can see below, the lace front is not small, but it's not half way in the wig either. Just enough to get you some sorta scalp action. 
The wig has four small combs in it. Three on the front and one at the back, with an additional rubber back in the back should you need to tighten it. I didn't have to use the additional rubber to tighten as the cap fit snugly on my head. Also, I only used the back comb and the two on the sides.

It has a lace part I had to cut off (as with all lace front wigs). There's always extra lace you MUST remember to cut off. I saw somebody rocking a wig with the extra lace in front still intact.. OMG! NO NO NO NO!!!

So, the cap wasn't thick and my head could still breathe. I DO NOT wear a wig cap before wearing wigs because I need air entering my scalp. 

I left a TINY bit of my natural hair out just to blend the wig and give it that growing from my scalp look. I also tussled the front curls to conceal the net a bit while still looking like it's my scalp. 

I only used Argan oil on this hair. NOT much, just two pumps on my palm, and finger combed my hair with it. I arranged the curls to frame my face in a way that complimented me.

I had worn this wig three different times prior to this day. And I take it off every night before I sleep. Blending my natural hair in the front gives me a natural hair line. I don't like the lace, straight line look! Oh No no no no!!!

A couple of hour later below, out with my friend eating food!!!
It's a Virgin drink if you're reading this mom. lol...

It was Brazilian style food.

Yummmmmmmmmmm .....

Me and Ibk of life. Our camera man (waiter) shook his hands a bit and we look blurry.. But oh well..

AND.... The Only DISADVANTAGE of this hair is the back of the hair.
If you should sleep with it, or rest your head too much on the back of a chair (car seat) for a while, The back kinda looks a bit LIKE this picture below.
That is definitely not fabulous, but a little water, and finger combing solves the problem and tames the frizz/poof.
Does that make me hate the hair? Oh No... I wanted BIG HAIR and that's what I got.

Enjoy some more pictures from my phone.


Alright y'all... Thanks for visiting and going through my picture spam. 

A brief summary of this post for the lazy ones. 

- Hair is from my regular beauty store and it's by Vivica.A.Fox Hair Collection, and this is Called AKRON-V. Deeep Lace Front in color 1. 
- It's a wig and easy to wear. 
- Cut off the extra lace in front (or ask your beauty store to cut it off for you before wearing). 
- For a super natural look, leave some of your real hair out to blend 
- Do not comb to avoid extra freeze. Just run your fingers through the curls if need be. 
- It's a wig and so I recommend not sleeping with it on, because doing so will certainly make the curls freeze up and not last as long as they could if you take it off your head every night. 
- You can use some heat on the hair, but I haven't done that yet and don't think I will... (But never say never). 
- Water and argan oil is all I use to get the curls on and popping. 
- Like BIG HAIR and need it NOW? Get this!

Any other question? Please ask in the comment box below. 

Thanks again for visiting and have a fabulous weekend. :-)
Till Later, God Bless. 


  1. The hair is really nice. Looks really good on you! One thing you did not talk about is the price. Please can you say how much it is? Thanks.

    1. Thanks hun. Sorry I forgot to add the price... it was originally $39.99, but I got mine on sale for $29.99.

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry I forgot to add the price... it was originally $39.99, but I got mine on sale for $29.99.

  3. beautiful!!<33 LOL at the virgin drink comment! LOVE your hair!! also the waiter was probably shaking/nervous because you both are tooo Gorgeous!! teehee

    1. Lol lol... I had to insert the disclaimer hun. Thanks for the compliment!! And our waiter was fun except for the blurry picture. Lol

  4. Okay so im a first time visitor and commenter. .... and would really really love to know where you bought it and how much it costs. Btw, im an avid follower on IG.....

    1. Hey hun. Welcome to my blog!! Hope to keep song morefof you. I know I have so many ig only followers do I'm glad to see you here.

      This hair was bought at my local beauty supply store. Sorry I forgot to add the price... it was originally $39.99, but I got mine on sale for $29.99.

  5. Hmmmm...the hair looks yumyumyum! It's lovely and looks really nice on you....Of course, I'll state the obvious too...You are beautiful.


  6. Wow!!! You look stunning! Love the hair and it looks so great on you. Love the shine and curls of it. Great choice!

  7. I want this hair! So so beautiful.

  8. Love the hair looks so much like a human hair.

  9. Very, very, very beauty! Wonderful. I really admire you. Kisses, and hugs!


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