Swatches and Review: Zoya Naturel Collection

By Lizzy O. - February 21, 2014

Oh hi there!

More nail swatches for you all today!
I present Zoya Naturel Collection. 

A fresh and natural collection! Palette Cleanser extraordinaire!

This collection offers nudes and subtle soft creams. 
They have a pink undertone and I love that because it makes them look good against my skin tone. Two coats was used in all of my swatches. No topcoat as I generally love to show polishes like this in their natural state (pun intended). lol... 

 Alright, let's get to it. 

First up is Zoya - Brigitte

Here's Zoya - Chantal

I didn't like the formula on this though. A bit runny and hard to work with. I had to do so much clean up and still it didn't look decent. It would have been a good "nude" if the formula was nice though.

Next is Zoya - Normani
It's more grey in person but has a pink/purple undertone.

Here you see the gray a bit more. But the purple still shows through...

Here's Zoya - Taylor

Like Chantal, I had issues with application on this one.

Next is Zoya - Odette.
Oh Hi there purple looking beauty!

Y'all know I love my purples! This was a dream to apply! And I love it on me so much!

Last but not the least is Zoya - Rue. 
Oh I love this so much! My kind of neutral nail polish! Baby Pink gorgeousness!

So, darlings... what do you all think?
I am pleased with these, but the formula on the two brown/cream colors (Taylor, and Chantal) didn't make me happy.
They were runny and just aren't my style.

Love what you see?
Head on over to to get them!

Neutrals not really your thing but you love bling-tas-tic and glittery polishes?
Check out my swatches of Zoya's Magical Pixie Dusts Collection.

P.S: If like me, you've seen swatches of this collection a couple of times, and wondered why the polishes look different on different people, I have come to the conclusion that it's because the polishes have powers to adapt to the skin tone of the wearer. Lol.. No other explanation. I was almost wondering if I got the right collection based on how they looked on me, and how I'd seen them on some other bloggers. Whatever the case though, they look beautiful and that's the ultimate conclusion.

Till later, God bless.

Products sent for review. Opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I love Odette and Rue on you! Might have to pick them up for myself!

    Abundance of Erica

  2. SOO gorgeous!! i definitely need to get my hands on this collection, i am into creamy naturals right now lol!! i do agree Odette's formula is amazing!! i am so in love with it!! i love Zoya polishes, they never give me any problems!!

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