Personalized Polish Names? "Pretty Please" Makes it Possible: Swatches and Review

By Lizzy O. - February 25, 2014

Hello lovers and friends!
How are y'all doing today?

OH I'm so excited and happy about this post! 
I personally named these polishes in today's post MYSELF and I even chose one to be named after me, well my blog!

How many of you have ever wanted to name a polish? It was my dream for the longest and when I got the opportunity to, I jumped AT IT!

And hey, guess what? You can too! Yes yes yes! You too can name any polish of your choice whatever you want right now! But wait, finish reading this post first!

The polishes you see below are named "Orange you TheDIYLady", and "Blinging all the way" by Pretty Please Polish. 

Look at these beauties in their bottles!

How in the heck did I get to name polishes you ask?
Ohh, I'll tell you all about it!

So, Pretty Please Polish is a nail polish brand that allow customers to name a polish of their choice/color/finish!
Here's what they say..
Pretty Please thinks it’s time to get personal. That’s why we create customized nail polish just for you! You select a shade you love and give it your own unique name.
You can name your nail polish for a milestone, bachelorette party, birthday party, baby naming, fund raiser, sorority function, company event, and the list goes on!
The idea is to take something you love (nail polish!) and make it your own; something you can’t buy in a store. We believe it's the gifts with a personal touch that get noticed and treasured.
What will your nail polish say?

The Polishes came in a pretty box like this.

I chose to pair both polishes together in this mani.

Application was wonderful on the glitter, but the orange certainly required patience!

Overall, I am so happy and impressed with these polishes!

 I'm looking forward to naming polishes for so many events y'all!
Just being able to name a polish makes me extremely happy!
Now that you know its completely possible to do it too.... How about you head on over to Pretty Please Polish Website and get to work!

Do you love the polishes I chose and my name for them?
I was way too excited and couldn't think! lol... Now I think I might have gone with different names, BUT I am still excited!

P.S: Check out these Cute Ideas from Pretty Please Instagram page!
Oh I'm in love with the idea of personalizing nail polishes.

That's it for now loves.
Till later, God bless.

Products sent for review. Opinions are 100% mine. 

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  1. Very cool and love the orange !!!

  2. LOVE this idea! And of course the names you picked!

  3. Nice nail polish, and I love the names you picked, I wish I could wear nail polish to work - never mind, I will when I'm on vacation


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