TheDIYLady Featured on Leadership Magazine

By Lizzy O. - February 04, 2014

Hello Loves!

Can I just start off by saying YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol... I was featured in a Magazine once again and I'm pretty excited about it.

I was contacted beforehand about the feature and I sent a couple of pictures to them, so I didn't know which one they would use. But when I saw the one they used, I LOVED it!

I'd like to say thanks to Leadership Nigeria for the feature. It's a physical magazine, but I was sent a link to view it online, and I took some screenshots for you guys, and for myself for keepsakes of course. Lol

My blog name was gotten wrong, but I'll live. Lol.. Lady DIY though? Lol.. It's TheDIYLady. 
I also will like to say the description was made by them and I believe it's about my outfit, since I never said I'm always happy (because I'm not.. ya dig?)... lol.. 

The feature was on people tracker, which is about style and fashion of regular people. I'm on page 28. 

Here's the front page of the paper. I was featured in the February 2nd, 2014 issue. :-D

Want to see the online copy? CLICK HERE and go to page 28 (which is where I'm on). 
Friends in Nigeria, if you see a physical copy of this, buy one!!! lol... 
Alright, now that I'm done documenting and blogging about this, I'm gonna get to being a good blogger and create more posts for you guys. I know the postings have been a bit slow lately... but bare with me with me guys.. I've just been busy with life. :-D

Alright Loves...
That's it for now.

I blogged about the outfit I wore in this print HERE. SO view that if you haven't already.

I can't wait to start being ON THE COVER of Magazines and Papers (for good reasons I might add)...

Being in a magazine/newspaper for my style and NO mention of the wheelchair completely puts a smile on my face. I can't wait to break more barriers and soar even higher than limitations! Impossible is NOTHING!
Never let anything stop you!

Till Later y'all, God Bless.

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