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Wheelchair Fashion: Chevron Tights and Aqua Blue Dress...

 Hello Everybody!
Hope y'all are feeling mighty fine today?!

Today's post is an ootd, and I'm mostly blogging this because of the tights I'm wearing. lol.
This was my birthday dress last year and I wore it to church last Sunday for the first time since my birthday.

Ladies ladies ladies, why do we take so long to repeat outfits?
Oh wait, I know the answer... Because we don't want to be tagged in the same outfit twice on facebook! Hahaha... Or in my case, because I don't want to blog about the same dress twice. But ALAS, I'm breaking the rules! Rationalizing it however, the last time this was posted, pictures were taken at night and in the dark. So this time, you get daylight pictures!

P.S: I don't really care about blogging one outfit more than once, but my subconscious kinda cares... Lol

Before I continue, I must ask, what color do y'all think this dress is? Some swear it's green, some say blue, but I see Aqua Blue and that's what I'm sticking with. lol.. (I'm not the best judge of colors though), but I couldn't think of a better title for this post!

I love how this dress flows and looks with a belt cinching my waist line!
(Excuse my photog for putting her shadow in  some of my pictures).

Today, I'll walk you through my poses with captions. lol..

The Pose for the camera now, Click Click Click Pose.

The mandatory Looking Down Picture. lol...
This is also The Skillfully using my hands to keep my legs together Pose.

The Feigning tiredness/are we done yet? Pose. Lol..

The Oh me? Why Yes I can look cute while not looking at the camera pose. lol..
This is also The Showing my nails and accessories pose. 

Ditto the above caption. lol..
Oh and this is also the Show you my hair and makeup pose. :-)

The Candid Shot. Which is usually about 90% of the pictures taken during any given photo session. I can never keep a straight face. lol.. 
Some Candids turn out cute, while others are a  nightmare. Lol.. And of course you will never see those.. *cricket sounds*... 

The Oh No! sun in my eyes pose. 
Also the Keep my legs crossed so I don't have to flash the world my goodies pose. Lol..

Alright, That's all the poses I have for you all today. lol..
Hows about an up close look at my Chevron Tights?

And a black and white picture to end it... just because!
P.S: I love it when my spasms occasionally kick in during a picture, makes my legs look toned and makes it look like I intended to position my legs in such a poised and classy manner as seen below.

Alright sugars.
That's it for now!
DO you guys add pretty little details to plain outfits like I did with my Chevron tights and belt?

Till Later, God Bless.

P.S: Thanks to you all for your kindness and sweet comments/emails every so often! Most of you have expressed how you enjoy my OOTD/Wheelchair Fashion posts, and I'm gonna at least try to take pictures of my Sunday OOTDs for the blog. Other minor ootds can be found on my instagram page @thediylady. 
OOTD = outfit of the day. 


  1. I really love the dress and the colour is so beautiful ,i'm aquarius sign so i'm easily attracted to colours in the blue and green family . Lovely pictures.



    1. Thank you so very much! This is really a pretty color.

  2. very lovely pictures.
    you look beautiful as always.


  3. Aqua Blue most definitely. The tights are totally amazing. This is from a grandma who rarely wears a dress these days. Ahh, the joys of retirement. I still do my hair and a smattering of makeup. You are gorgeous, keep up the good work.

    1. Awww thank you for your kind words.
      I bet you are one fabulous and stylish grandma. Lovely to have you on my blog.

  4. Beautiful as always! Those tights are FAB!

  5. You are rocking those tights! Love the look!

  6. im pretty much living for those tights right now

  7. Loving the outfit. The tights *faints* they look amazing. I'd say the dress was a light sky blue, certianly looks like that to my eyes.

    1. Oh No fainting. LOL... Thank you so much!

  8. yep, i agree with evryone else. the tights and the shoes. love!


  9. Nice dress, Lizzy O - Btw, your hair is absolutely gorgeous. I miss my curls :(

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