Swatches and Review: Spooky Bones - Night Sky 2.0 & Kroovy

By Lizzy O. - 8:13 PM

Hey Sweeties!

Moreeee Indie Polishes!!!

The Indies have taken over, and I'm glad I am now a full blown member of the Indie Club. Lol...

Today, I have two polishes by Spooky Bones.
Here are both Polishes sent to me for review.

Spooky Bones: Kroovy and Night Sky 2.0

First up is called Kroovy.

Almost every red polish gets a pass mark in my book because I'm biased. Lol.
But This one actually has something extra. It's not Vampire red, and it has shimmer in it and the shimmer seems to move around with every movement of the hand.

Love the shimmer/microglitter in this. I tried to capture it, but you've gotta see it in person to get what I mean.

Next is called Night Sky 2.0. I was so curious and wondered if it has a brush in it because of the bottle shape.
Good News: It does have a brush in it. lol.. Neat!

Althought the base in this looks a bit opaque in the bottle, the opacity doesn't transfer on the nail. After 4 coats of Night Sky alone and no opacity was derived, I decided to Layer two coats of it over Zoya - Tallulah. 

Of all the beautiful stars I see in the bottle, one came out to play. I wasn't in a digging mood, so I didn't bother to dig for more star glitters and just left the one as an accent nail stuff. :-)

Overall thoughts?

I Love Kroovy!! Not just because it's red and compliments my skin, but also because of the shimmer in it! Love it!!!
I'm not so keen with Night Sky 2.0 because it was way too sheer for me. After Layering it, it was bearable though. :-)

If you're interested in these polishes or want to check out other polishes By Spooky Bones, Please CLICK HERE to go to her etsy store.

Till Later sugars.
God Bless. :-)

**These were sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**

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  1. Kroovy looks great. I also like how Night Sky looks on you.

  2. They both look cool! I especially like Night Sky-- not so much the sheerness, but the stars :) I wish there were more! I love star glitter. :)

  3. Thanks darlings..

    Indie Polish Makers out there have really impressed me so far.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I love Nicht Sky 2.0 because it has little stars!! I love stars... xD

  6. oohh kroovy is s pretty! i like it!!


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