Monday Blues: Cult Nails - Manipulative

By Lizzy O. - December 09, 2013

Hello lovers! 

Happy Monday! 
Anyone feeling cold wherever you are today? 
If you said No, all I have to say to you is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Lol... 

Because it's cold here!!! They lied to me about Texas. Lol... I say this every year btw. 
But Yes, it's cold here, and as you guys know, me naaah like cold!!!! 

Anyhoo, I have been growing my nails a bit longer than I usually wear them (as I've shared with y'all on Instagram and facebook), and one of the colors I was drawn to wear on my new length of nails was this pretty soft blue nail Polish by Cult Nails called Manipulative ..... just as I was manipulated by everyone who told me Texas weather is the best and it stays HOT here. 
LIES, I tell you, LIES!!

Ok, forgive me for going back to the cold weather. 
Manipulative is such a pretty blue, and I'm so glad I finally had time to blog about it with swatches that make me happy!

Swatches in this post are 3 thin coats.

I did so many hand poses in my pictures for this post. Lol... 

I'm not used to holding polish bottles with nails as long as I currently have.. so I was trying different things. The longer nails hindered my regular polish holding style.

But I managed to still get some polish holding shots. :-D

This is quite possibly my fave picture below.

Oh but I kind of like this picture below too.
(note the thumb?), It got done because I wore this mani for about an entire week. GOOD wear time!! Minimal tip wear, and the fingers I didn't mess with had no chips. (I mess with polish on my nails after 3 days, I always itch to change color)

And a final look at this gorgeous blue!

I love this polish! I'm so glad I got to wear it again after such a long time!
Cult Nails can be purchased at

Well, that's it for now loves.
Hope y'all stay warm if it cold wherever you are.

Till Later, God Bless. :-)

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  1. How fun that we have similar polish posts today! I like this shade of blue on you (and I got a kick out of your photo commentary).

  2. Pretty! I need to get this one!! Cult Nails is having an awesome sale right now too but I can't buy any :( lol

  3. Manipulative is exactly the turquoise I've been looking for!

  4. Wow! This is just beautiful on you! It's perfect!

  5. Gorgeous color! It's cold here too btw and snowing! :)

  6. This is a gorgeous shade of polish!

  7. I have a lot of CNs but this is probably my favorite. Looks gorgeous on you.

  8. That is really pretty and it looks fantastic on you. And yes, it's really cold here too, brrrr! x

  9. What a gorgeous color! I never think to do colors that are different from reds and pinks. And I love that it lasted so long...I have such a tough time keeping my manicures from chipping!

  10. teal looks good you.... I love


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