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Deal Alert/Review: Firmoo Sunglasses

Hello Loves. 

Hope y'all are having a wonderful day so far. 
Today I will be reviewing a first of its kind product on my blog.

The review is for a fabulous Sun Glasses by Firmoo.

When I got the glasses, I was just going to take pictures of the glasses alone, and say my feelings about the quality, BUT that plan changed because I fell in love, so I knew it deserved more than just some random Glasses alone pictures. 

Y'all have seen my face by now, and there's nothing to hide anymore. You know I use a wheelchair for mobility, but I don't let it stop me from Living because I know my God is capable of healing in his own time. 

SO, Instead of just a "product review" with some pictures of just the glasses, I decided to do the real kind of "Tested and Trialed" Do It Yourself Lady Review I usually have for you guys.

I got dressed for Choir Practice this past Saturday, and I wore my new glasses out!
The weirdest thing happened. I generally always feel good, BUT the glasses made me feel EXTRA GOOD. Lol... Ya know, being on a wheelchair doesn't stop fashion. 

I took my camera with me to church and put the BFF to work. Lol.. She took some pictures of me after practice, and Here's one of them.

More pictures of ME, and the glasses when you click Read More below.

The particular glasses I got came packaged with all these things below.
A pouch, plastic case, some screws and a lens cleaner.

Here's the beauty in all its sexiness. Lol..

The side view and Blend of color really impressed me. The dark brown fading into a near transparent brown totally had my attention.

This is fashion personified. I try not to rave too much about products, but when something is beautiful, there's no two words for it. You just have to call it beautiful.

The size is not too big and it's not too small.
There was nothing "Shaky" about the parts, meaning the screws were in tight and everything was firm.

And now, The fun Part (For me at least). Lol...
This Photo session was a bit difficult for me because I'm always smiling and making goofy faces (Yes, I make the duck/kissy face in pictures).

Proof below...

BUT Since I wanted to show how Sexy and Chic this glasses really is, I had to Channel my Inner Model/Chic Lady!!!
My BFF said 10 pictures and we're done Lizzy (She's not a photo freak like me). Lol..
But when the model in me came out (as best as I could get it to), we took so many photos that it was hard for me to narrow down the ones that made it to this blog post.

Alright, Me thinks I'm done talking, Enjoy Viewing!

I shall end this with me in my element.. Smiling!

That's it for my mini photo session with the fabulous glasses from Firmoo.

If you're following me on Instagram @thediylady, You should have seen this next picture... it show you a really up-close look of the glasses... and My face (of course). Lol

And a Collage.

I and everyone that saw the glasses loved it so very much.
Everything about it is beautiful. I always thought I needed REALLY BIG sunglasses because I have a round face, but I was wrong. This looks like it suits me perfectly.

Firmoo is a company I truthfully never heard of before, so when I was contacted to review their product, I spent some time on their website and Yes, did some research about them. Now, after receiving the glasses, I am sold on their services. The glasses came to me in good timing and the quality shows in their product.

Firmoo not only sell fashion glasses, but they also sell prescription glasses.
If you want the prescription glass look but don't actually have a prescription, you can still order the glasses and they're all at a GREAT PRICE.

Deal Alert:
They are currently offering every new customer a FREE Glasses of their choice (just pay Shipping).

EDIT: I had to confirm this works. I just tried it for myself.

Click HERE to go on Firmoo's website. Choose any Glasses of your choice. Look around, there are many!
- On the left hand side of the screen (on the page of the glasses you want), CLICK on "GET NOW". It will Pop up a window that tells you to see your code. Copy the Free Code.
- Add the Glasses in your Cart.
- Put in your prescription, or click on "use for fashion" in the drop down menu.
- Put the Code in the section for coupon code. It should make the glasses completely free.
- Choose the cheapest Shipping. And Finish your order!

Remember, you can get both prescription and Non-prescription glasses. If you don't have prescription, just specify that you want the glasses for fashion only. 

More about the Free Glasses deal can be read HERE.
I urge you to read the FAQ Here as well if you have any questions about this.

Check Firmoo out on their Facebook, Twitter, and Website.

That's it for now darlings...
I don't have much to say about what I'm wearing in my pictures..
Just a Shirt and pants I bought a long time ago from Burlington Coat Factory.
Shoe is also a long time ago purchase from Rue21.

My hair was originally Senegalese twists, but I loosened them each. Getting tired of it and it'll be taken down soon.
I did a neutral makeup but used a pink Lip Color (which I actually never use... I don't usually wear lip colors, but I think that's changing now).

Like the glasses?
Thoughts? Comments? I'm ready to read.. bring 'em on!

Till later, God bless. :-)

Glasses sent for Review. Opinions are 100% mine.


  1. What a perfect shape for you those are! Looking good, girlie :) So nice to have a bff who'll take your blog pictures. Lool at the 10 photo limit...that's about what my DH would say ;)

    1. Hahaha, I Know right. 10 photo limit. As if that would actually happen! Lol...

      Thanks dear... I really love the glasses as well. :-)

  2. Nice glasses. Looks good on you. :)


  3. Oh i love your glasses! It is adoreable and you look really beautiful!


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