Dupe Alert: Zoya - Jem & OPI - Every Month Is Oktoberfest

By Lizzy O. - October 23, 2012

Hello Sugars!

This is a first of its kind post on my blog.
I didn't ever have a reason to do a "Dupe Alert" post because I PRIDE myself in not having dupes, or close to dupes in my stash. Lol...

I love being able to tell everyone that in my over 4?? polishes, I do NOT have One dupe! It makes me so happy, I tell you.. that I don't have two polishes that look alike. LOL..

But that happiness was uhmm... kind of shattered when I bought OPI - Every Month is Oktoberfest (EMIO). 
It looked an awful lot like my previously owned Zoya - Jem, and no matter how hard I tried to convince myself they were nothing alike, the truth still bit me in the bum, so I chose to do a comparison post. Maybe someone out there might benefit from it.

First up, Bottle shots.
(With lots of light)

(Under regular, low light)

Under regular light. Both are on my nails... Can you tell which is which??

Under lots of light and flash.
Here I see some slight differences.

And Here another picture that shows me there might be no difference...

And then there's this picture that kind of shows there might be more purple in Jem (Ring and Pinky).

So, you be the verdict....
Are these two close enough, or can you justify having both??

I'm keeping both of course, because EMIO leans to a near brown color in some lights, and JEM is purely purple in some lights.

What do you think? Do you own both of one of these?

That's it for now.
Till Later, God Bless.

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  1. I don't own any of these, and it's only in the last pic I can tell a difference between the two. But I'd totally keep them both if it was me :D

    1. Lol.. Yeah, if you already own both, of course you can keep em, but if you're debating buying one over the other, or wanna save some bucks... then you might wanna skip one. :-)

  2. Both are pretty and I have both, They are similar and I'm keeping both :)

    1. Yep.. Keeping both of mine too. But I would have skipped EMIO if I saw a comparison post b4 getting it.

  3. Thanks for this! I was considering getting EMIO but Zoya is much easier for me to get so you have spared me the search. Jem it will be.....once I get off of my "no buy" , LOL

  4. Darn. I actually like Oktoberfest better, but Zoyas wear better on me... Plus, there's the Jem and the Holograms factor... But, I'm of German descent, so there's that... They're not what I personally would call dupes, but they're close enough that I wouldn't buy both. Honestly, because color trumps all (unless the name is something terrible) I'd go with Oktoberfest. Thanks for the comparison. :) :)

  5. I think the OPI has a little bit more red but honestly I don't think I like either. Thanks for the swatch now I can spend my 8 bucks on another polish :-)

  6. I have both as well and although they are similar I don't think they are dead on dupes for each other. Your pride can remain intact!! :)

  7. humm... I like them both!! (but I'm a hoarder!)

  8. I love comparison posts! I think they are not dead on dupes but very much close enough that if you have one, you don't need the other. :)

  9. they look pretty similar!! apparently OPI rally pretty pink has a zoya dupe too.. :) x

    1. They're all just duping each other now? lol... Funny...


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