Jelly Sandwich with Zoya - Gilty

By Lizzy O. - October 22, 2012

Hello Y'all!

How's everyone doing on this fine Monday??
Today's post is all about Gilty, the Limited Edition 18K Gold topcoat by Zoya. 
When I got my box in the mail, I was all sorts of excited.  

So, I chose to Have some fun with it by layering two Zoya Jellies over it.

I used One coat of Zoya - Raven, Two coats of Gilty. 
For the jelly Sandwich, I used:
Zoya - Frida on my Pointer and Pinky.
Zoya - Paloma on Ring and Middle

I loved this look so much and thought I had to share it with you guys.
How amazing is it that the gold topcoat can be layered with jellies to create an entirely different look?

I still want to show you Gilty in all its glory however, so here's two coats of Gilty over Zoya - Raven. 

This gold topcoat is perfection to me. I love everything about it!

I saw some flecks of shimmer in this when I blurred the picture, You see it too?

And Lastly, Here are all the polishes used for my Jelly Sandwich... I Love this look so much!!

 I can't wait to layer gilty over other colors.
I honestly wish I got two bottle of this baby. Lol... So I could save one for my future babies.
It adds an amazing depth to the base its layered on. I LOVE IT!!!

Did any of you guys manage to snag this?

This was Limited Edition, so If you didn't get one, I don't know what to say... :-(

Anyhoo, That's it for now sugars.
Till Later, God Bless.

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  1. Didn't get Gilty, hard to get Zoya polishes over here in the UK. Did order the OPI one though, my purse said 'Ouch'!!! Not tried it yet, will get around to it.

    Great pics, the first combos are awesome :-)

    1. Totally understand. A lot of people have been begging Zoya to Ship internationally.

      This is my first Gold Topcoat, and I'm happy with it.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. I'm not a fan of most J-sandwiches but this turned out great! It almost looks like OPI "Spotted".

    1. Ohhh I SEE What you mean. You're so right that it does!!! haaa, I Love this mani too. Thanks Tharvey. :-)

  3. What a great idea for Jelly Sammiches turning the gold flakes different colors. I can't wait to play with my bottle :)

    1. Yay! I'm waiting to see what you do with yours Rhonda. :-0

  4. I got this but so far I've only tried it over Natty. This was a GREAT idea to try jelly sammies with it - SO inventive!! I noticed the shimmers in Raven too - I was surprised bc for some reason I thought Raven was a plain black creme! Great post :D

    1. Aww Thanks for your compliment. When the Idea popped in my head, I was like "OHHH YES"!!! Lol...

      I bet this would look great over Natty. That Gold Flakie is amazing!!!

      Raven is indeed shimmery.

  5. Wow, those look super awesome!

  6. Great idea and post. I snagged Gilty & I'm very glad I did!!!!

  7. I love your combination here! And who knew you could create jelly-sandwiches with the gold flakes! Definitely not something I would have thought about.

  8. Looks like you came up with great nails for the fall/Halloween. Got mine in the mail too but I need to be relaxed before I try swatching...can't wait and looking forward to your next creation with Gilty !

  9. OMg its gorgeous!! it MUST come back for those who missed it. lol Please Zoyyaa lol


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