Deal/Freebie Alert: $15 Gift Card on

By Lizzy O. - October 11, 2012

Hello Sugars..

I've got a quick Deal/Freebie Alert for y'all today.

Please read the steps very carefully.

1. Join (for free). Move to Step 2 if you already have a account.
2. Go to the website EMBLY. Register with your facebook account, and Give a gift to a friend. Look for the $15 gift card to
3. Have your friend send you the card too. (This is how you'll get your Gift card code)
4. Go back on and pick out any items you want that totals $15.
5. Pick your free gifts on bloom with your order
6. Use the $15 Coupon Code you got from your friend on Embly.
7. If you have bloom dollars, use it toward shipping, if you don't have bloom dollars, pay the shipping fee of $5.95.

I Just got 3 full sized OPI Polishes for $5.95 on bloom.
The OPI Minnie mouse collection polishes are currently discounted on for $5 each (ful Sized bottles)!!!
I Picked the three that are available and Only Paid for shipping since I don't have bloom dollars saved.

This could be a Freebie if you have bloom dollars you can use for shipping, but no bloom dollars? STILL A GREAT DEAL!!!

Here's my screenshot.

Note: This is where knowing your BFF or BF's facebook password really helps you out. Lol..

I Signed on to embly with my facebook account, gave my BFF a gift, and logged in to her account to claim it.
I didn't even have to use her account to send one back to me. Lol...
But if you don't have your hubby, bf, bffs account, just talk to one of your facebook friends and have them send you a code.

EMBLY offers other Gift card to other online stores, BUT I was more interested in bloom, because they offer POLISHES!!!
You can give the gift of a $5 amazon gift card, $10 gift cards and lots lots more. 

Please let me know if this works for any of you.
Comment below, and HURRY, I don't know how long this will last for.

I hope I explained it well, cos I was in a rush. Don't want y'all missing out on this great deal!!!

Till later, God bless.

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  1. Wow, thank you sooo much! I picked up Essie's "Sure Shot" and "Pink a Boo" and OPI's "I'm All Ears". Nothing like FREE polish, yay!!!

  2. Wahooooooo! Thanks - I'm sooooo excited to get on there and pick out some polish!

  3. Thanks for sharing! who doesn't love free things!

  4. NIce! I love the Color of Minnie. Its my go to red right now.

  5. Thanks for the alert! And sharing the same here on the blog

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