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Random Swatch Spam and a Letter of Appreciation...

Hello Darlings...
Happy Thursday Y'all...

Before I start, I'd like to thank each and everyone of you that has taken the time to come on over here to read this.
Over the past couple of days, the blogs' viewer count has improved and I can only THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for all the love.
I am very grateful to you all and I Just had to Say that before I continue with today's post. You guys have been so very receptive even with my slight transition from just a nail/freebie blog, to a semi fashion blog

I have gotten so many lovely comments from some of you about how you're able to relate with me being on the wheelchair. You guys even went as far as calling me an inspiration. Oh my! Your messages and kind words absolutely leave me with smiles.
Even though I have replied personally to some comments, I have to say a GENERAL THANK YOU to you all.
I must now mention that I can't take credit for being strong because I have days when I'm just like "meh". Through it all though, God, my family and everyone around me has made life good.
I'm glad to be able to inspire someone out there and I hope you guys continue to be the amazing people you all are.
I'm happy y'all like seeing the face behind the blog. I'll try  to make more of those kind of posts, but no promises. Lol... 

Alright enough of the mushy stuff eh?
Today I've got some random swatches that have been sitting pretty on my computer for a while.
Some of these were weekend manis, or Quick manis I did before going out, or underwear of some previously posted manis.  

Since there are quite a number of pictures, Please click "Read More" below to continue.
Enjoy them. 

First up is Zoya - Song
This was one of my faves from this collection. Song is a pretty blue polish. Opaque in just two coats and makes a statement.

 I Love how it shines!!!

Next we have another blue polish. Orly - Shockwave. 
This was semi jelly-like polish. I used Shimmer Polish in Kim for the tips. Probably not the best Idea I've had in a while. Lol, but Shockwave was so pretty though.

The next 4 polishes are some I got from my Birthday Group Ladies. 
First is a polish that's supposed to be slightly purple, but photographs as blue... *sigh*. 
This is Kiko 337. Application was nice and it absolutely makes me want more kiko polishes. 

Next up is a Crayola Polish. Yep, you read that right. I didn't know Crayola made polishes, I Loved the idea, and colors. but the application, NOT so much. This is Crayola - Green Apple, and as you can see, it's streaky.

Next up is a polish that disappointed me. :-(
OPI - DS Coronation. I wanted this so much because I thought it had crazy Holo in it, but Uhmm.. Nothing crazy about this.

Next up is Matte Elise - Belladonna
Soft Pink/beige/nude polish. I LOVE this so much!!! 
Application was a bit runny, but I did my best since I love the color so much. 

And last but certainly not the least, is ....
Zoya - Aurora, from the Ornate Collection!
I wore this baby out yesterday and couldn't stop staring at my nails!!!
It's a killer in the sun, and still pretty indoors. This is a picture I took with my phone and you can still see the shine in Aurora.  I shared on my Instagram and Facebook
I'll have swatches of the whole Ornate Collection on my blog soon. But I just had to show ya this sneak peak! ;-)

I Hope you enjoyed this swatch spam.
That's it for now.
Till Later, God bless.


  1. you completely are an inspiration! I love everything about you and your blog so whatever you do I'll keep reading! Sorry I haven't commented as much lately, I'm trying to get back into the habit! :D xx

    1. Thanks a bunch Stephanie, and I absolutely understand... We all get busy.. :-)

  2. Ahhhh that ornate collection. seriously it needs to be in my stocking this Christmas. Or really sooner so I can wear it all December

    1. Ohh That's such a lovely IDEA! Christmas stocking with the Ornate collection would be perfect!! But then again, sooner does make sense too. LOL...

  3. Great swatches aurora is pretty I wish the sun was out more when I swatched just to show that the holo is really strong!I love Belladonna too! I love the name and its color to sweet love pink nudes!

  4. You are a wonderful lady! Thank you!
    I like the Shockwave with the shimmer - cute!

  5. What a kind letter:) Kiko 337 is gorgeous and Zoya Aurora is my favorite from the collection. It's amaaazing!! :)

  6. I love your blog, so just keep up the fantastic work! xx
    Aurora is a great looking polish. Need to have, I'd say!


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