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Double French Tip Mani with Zoya - Farah, Alegra and Charla

Hello Lovelies,
Happy New Week.

Today's mani was inspired by the Fairies at Zoya! Here's the finished look...
I was inspired to do this mani while I was looking through Zoya's account on Instagram @Zoyanailpolish, and I saw a picture they posted testing out a double french tip mani look with Zoya - Avery, Cynthia and Frida.

Welp, The Do It Yourself Lady in me immediately fell in love with the double french tip idea, and I whipped out my tools and some zoya polishes I love!

For my mani, I chose to use Zoya - Farah, Alegra, and Charla.

I started with a base of Farah. When Farah got dry, I used a tape as a guide and created my first french tip with Alegra.

Used a fast dry top coat, and when that got dry, I used a tape as a guide again, and created another french tip with Charla. 
P.S: The Key to crisp french tips/lines, is removing your tape while your polish is still wet.. i.e, right after you paint the tip. 

Fast drying top coat really helped me cut down the "dry/wait" time.
I loved the double french tip idea so much, that I stared at my hands for a couple of minutes. Lol...
While staring at my nails, I realized I wanted something a bit "more".
So I looked through my nail art supplies, and found some nail art stickers that have flowers that complimented my double french tip mani!

After placing the stickers on, I used topcoat, and realized that this mani totally makes me ready for Christmas!!!

I took so many pictures and started singing: "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....."... hahahahaha...

Yes, Christmas is definitely in the air.. I went to the store and was shocked to see Christmas display when Halloween is not even over. LOL...
I certainly LOVE Christmas more than Halloween, so I'm not complaining. :-)

Bottle SHOTS anyone?

Anyhoo, that's it for my double french tip mani inspired by Zoya Fairies.

As always, I love using Zoya Polishes because they apply flawlessly and look good on me.
Farah is definitely now my favorite Nude polish.

Till later darlings.
God Bless.


  1. What a great idea! I love Zoya too. Thanks for sharing! ;-)

  2. Great look! Charla is one of my Zoya faves, too.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, my love! Very Christmas-like indeed!
    It's never too early for Christmas ;) hehe

  4. Gorgeous! I haven't tried this yet but will definitely have to! The colors your used are perfect together :]

  5. This is really pretty. Looks great both with and without the stickers - it's really striking without them, but they complement the tips perfectly!

  6. Love the double tips and the stickers made it even cuter :)

  7. Thanks everyone. Yay!! I can't wait to do more double french tip manis. :-D

  8. omg this many is super pretty! i love it!


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